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‘I did my makeup to come get fired at Walmart’: Walmart worker says she was fired after racking up ’22 points’

‘Being fired from a toxic environment is the best.’


Lauren Castro


In a viral video posted on Oct. 4, TikToker Kisha Kaos (@kaotickisha) made a point-of-view video of her getting fired from Walmart. The video has over 644,500 views.

“My raggedy a** just got fired from Walmart,” she says in the clip.


Oooh my ass bout to be crying later on 😂🤣

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According to Kaos, management informed her that she had 22 points and that she was exceeding policy. The Walmart point system tracks absences to “encourage good attendance and discourage tardiness and absences.” The typical termination total is 5 points.

As she’s talking to the camera, an employee is exposing her in the background as he claims that she was clocking out early, coming in late, and calling out. At this point, Kaos decides to clock out.

“It should not be this damn funny the fact that I’m legitly [sic] having a blast right now,” she says as she walks out. “But y’all…I literally just got fired, and I look good.”

Kaos walks out of the store and continues recording herself in the parking lot.

“I knew that was the reason why I did my makeup today,” she continues. “I did my makeup to come get fired at Walmart.”

However, in the caption, Kaos writes that, “oooh my ass ‘bout to be crying later on.”

In the comments section, users sent advice and cracked jokes.

“She hurt…tryna play it off,” one user said.

“22 points is crazy,” another commented.

“The way he called you out and you were silent,” a third user said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Walmart via email and Kaos via Instagram direct messages.

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