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‘Let me off the clock’: Karen calls Walmart employee a ‘trifling little hoe’

‘This why I can’t work at Walmart.’


Tricia Crimmins


A Walmart employee captured a woman she called a “Karen” yelling at her while she was at work and calling her a “little girl” and a “trifling little hoe.”

TikToker Rachel Timsina posted the video on April 9. The TikTok, which has almost 6 million views, doesn’t provide much context for the situation, but Timsina explained why the woman began yelling at her in an Instagram direct message to the Daily Dot.

According to Timsina, the woman asked her to bring down a garden seating set that weighs over 200 pounds and was hanging high up on the store’s wall. Timsina told the Daily Dot that because she’s not authorized to use the machine that would be able to bring the couch set down off the wall, she would have to ask a different employee.

“Why would I disturb him,” Timsina said of the employee, who was on a 15-minute break. In a follow-up TikTok, Timsina says that she then told the woman to go to the store’s customer service desk.

Timsina says she turned her camera on to capture the woman yelling at her. The woman comments on the way Tismina is “smirking” and “laughing” at her.

In the TikTok, Tismina says “let me get off the clock,” implying that if she weren’t working, she would physically fight the woman.

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Tismina says in a TikTok that she didn’t fight the woman or yell at her because her job at Walmart has a lot of benefits, including a full scholarship for university. Tismina also told the Daily Dot that she thinks that the woman was under the influence and only asked her to get the garden set so Tismina would “leave [her] post” and the woman would be able to steal something.

In another follow-up TikTok, Tismina shows screenshots of her messages with her manager about posting the video on TikTok and going viral. She confirmed to the Daily Dot that she still works at Walmart and that the store didn’t take any disciplinary action against her after she posted the video.

Commenters noted how the woman spoke to Tismina.

“I hate how customers think just bc something don’t go their way it’s us ‘not doing our job’ or ‘do your job,’” @thefamoussteff commented. “BABE [THERE’S] SO LITTLE WE CAN DO.”

“This why I can’t work at Walmart I [would’ve] got fired,” @anxiciousss._jaz wrote. “Don’t have patience for people like that.”

“She’s more mad because of how you were not as bothered as she was,” @dominguez_joce commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Walmart via contact form.

Editor’s note: This story was assigned twice in the Daily Dot newsroom. We regret the oversight that led to two posts about the same video.

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