Walmart employee walking outside (l) Walmart curbside pickup with empty parking spaces (c) Walmart employee speaking to curbside pickup customer caption ''My three year old made me pick number 10'' (r)


‘All of these bays, and you choose to park in bay 10’: Walmart worker calls out curbside customer for parking in the furthest spot

‘Good morning! Why are you so far?’


Melody Heald


A Walmart employee went viral on TikTok him calling out a curbside customer for parking in one of the furthest parking spots in the lot.

The video features the TikToker Alexis (@alx817) walking in the parking lot, covered in sweat and out of breath.

“If you do Walmart curbside pickup and you park far as fuck, your mom’s a hoe,” Alexis starts the video. He continues to rant about why would anyone park that far away and shifts the camera to reveal the series of empty spots on his way to the customer’s car.

“Look at this. All of these bays and you choose to park in bay 10.” He then noted that it’s over 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside and claims the customer probably won’t even tip.

“Good morning! Why are you so far?” Alexis asks in a friendly customer service voice.

The customer replies, “My three-year-old made me pick number 10.”

This only angers the Walmart employee more, mumbling under his breath to the camera, “my three-year-old? Fuck them kids.”

@alx817 😡😡 #fyp #opd #ogp #walmart #curbsidepickup ♬ original sound – Alexis👨🏻‍🦱

The video has been viewed 1.5 million times since it was posted on Aug. 1. Commenters were surprised Alexis confronted the customer about parking so far.

“Can’t believe you asked her,” one user commented.

“LMFAO U REALLY ASKED HER TOO,” a second user agreed.

“He asked her you’re my favorite! I’d never stop laughing kicking it with you,” a third wrote.

Other users shared their experiences with customers doing the same thing.

“I feel this on so many levels…I ask the same thing when they do that to us and they say I wasn’t sure where you were gonna come out at,” one person shared.

“We feel the same at target!! Like all the spots are open and they have the audacity to park in the farthest one,” a second shared.

“I feel this to the max but with Instacart, I had to carry 4 bags of dog food up 3 flights of stairs because they didn’t want it by the garage,” a third stated.

There were users who were confused about Alexis’ mention of tipping for curbside pickup.

“We have to tip?” one user asked.

“omg am I supposed to tip for pickup???? I am DYING inside,” a second commented.

“I didn’t know you could tip. I feel so bad now because I’m a great tipper,” a third stated.

One viewer claimed that the manager of their local Walmart doesn’t allow customers to tip for curbside orders. “I try to tip when I do pick up but the manager doesn’t allow them to take tips, the kid said he’d get in trouble,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Alexis for comment via TikTok comment and email.

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