video machete wielding man protesters


Video shows man chasing protesters with a machete

It was falsely claimed that protesters beat him to death.


Esther Bell


A video of a man attempting to stab protesters with a machete is going viral on Twitter. The video was taken at a protest in Dallas over the weekend.

The video shows a man, wearing a green shirt, chasing protesters with his sword as they run away. Protesters are screaming in the background. Eventually, a group of young men was able to chase down the man with the sword and they started beating him up.

The group backed up when they saw copious amounts of blood near the man’s face, and some viewers thought the protesters may have killed the man. Witnesses in the background can be heard shouting, “Stop, oh sh*t, oh sh*t.”

Police confirmed the man was critically injured, but not dead.

Rumors began spreading on social media the man with the machete was trying to “defend his shop,” but that remains unconfirmed. Many videos being shared also cut out the part where he was threatening protesters with his weapon before protesters defended themselves.

“Maybe you should change the headline to: ‘Unarmed protesters defended themselves from a machete-wielding man,’” one user tweeted.

Ian Miles Cheong even falsely claimed that “a mob of rioters just murdered a man in cold blood.”

“Misinformation won’t win…no matter how many whole lies and half truths you try to push,” one Twitter user said.

Police are still investigating the incident, and have not yet released more information about the victim or the protesters.

The man in the video is not the only person who showed up to protests armed and trying to hurt protesters. Another man went viral after he threatened protesters with a bow and arrow, and previously a machete.

Dallas police said by Saturday night 74 people had been arrested and would be charged with inciting a riot.


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