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‘This manager…she played me like a motherf*cking fiddle’: Ulta employee quits job due to manager, accidentally livestreams her departure meeting

‘Please don’t quit mid-shift tomorrow.’


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Update 8:58am CT, Aug. 11: In a phone interview with the Daily Dot, Evelynn Mae clarified details from her viral videos. She says that she quit five days before her two weeks’ notice was up and that the bad manager was in charge of her schedule. She had been promised that she would be full-time after two weeks of part-time work, and worked for six weeks total prior to quitting.

She says that she was getting paid for hours beyond her scheduled shifts, but that as a part-timer did not receive full-time benefits like overtime and holiday pay.

And she elaborated on “mean” things that her manager said: “It was more like bullying, harassment, hovering when not needed… snappy comments.” Per Evelynn Mae, the manager also didn’t make exceptions when Evelynn Mae was injured and in a boot.

In one of her videos, Evelynn Mae speculated that her manager’s behavior improved. But, she tells the Daily Dot, that short-term change was only because the district manager was on-site and overseeing things. When the district manager gave a positive review to Evelynn Mae’s manager, she felt further emboldened to quit.

Evelynn Mae also thinks that “petty” is not the best way to describe the manager’s behavior because the manager was also, she claims, rude to customers and would embarrass her Evelynn Mae in front of customers.

Our original report is below.

In a series of viral videos, TikToker Evelynn Mae (@evelynnmae) shared her negative experience with a manager at Ulta and what led her to abruptly quit her job just days before she had already planned to leave.

“Please don’t quit mid-shift tomorrow,” one of her other managers allegedly said when she told Evelynn she would be working with the unsatisfactory supervisor.

The creator, who is a part-time employee, says she has been staying at work beyond her scheduled hours and not getting paid, due to the manager and the Ulta location not allowing for any more full-time hires.

She explains that her issue with the manager is a result of mean things she’s said to her. Evelynn claims the manager isn’t the type of person one can confront about personal issues. Evelynn says that when she works with that manager and she’s asked to stay overtime the next day, she’s going to get fired when she refuses.

“But golly, she is not happy I’m leaving and she’s making it very known through the actions of what she’s putting me through,” Evelynn continues. 

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Her first video on the manager received over 3.1 million views since it was shared July 9, while users in the comments became invested in her Ulta journey and shared their opinions on the specific manager. 

“I worked at Ulta. She can not make work past the time you’re scheduled. She can ask, she can’t make you,” one user said.

“[That manager] is actually saying ‘Is it me? Am I the drama?’” another joked.

In a follow-up video, Evelynn shared an update during her lunch break on the day she had to work with the manager she disliked.


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“One of my coworkers got in trouble for talking to me, “ she said. “She’s not even allowed to stand next to me. So I’ve been yelled at by this manager multiple times to stay in my department…I can’t do anything right.”

However, after her shift, Evelynn updates her followers with the news that she was not fired. She claims she saw improvement in how the manager handled her clocking out at her scheduled time.

“Y’all, I do not know what took place. I don’t know if she maybe saw this TikTok…,” she says in the video. “She did not even hesitate to let me go [at my scheduled time].”


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However, three days later, Evelynn still quit her job at Ulta.

She explains how she had defended the problematic manager’s prior behavior and was proud of her improvement, that is until a hair stylist at the store refused to do her hair “because of what happened on social media.”


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“Y’all, this manager, she played me, she played me like a motherfucking fiddle,” Evelynn says, explaining that the manager’s petty behavior led her to quit her job then and there. “What’s important is my mental health. It’s really hard to believe that there’s good in this world.”

In one of the final videos about her Ulta experience, Evelynn reveals she went back into the store after she quit and accidentally live-streamed her departure meeting with the managers. She found out as they were all walking out of the store, and was told someone watching the stream called the store to tell them.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Evelynn via TikTok comment.

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