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Trump complains about potential hurricane heading toward Puerto Rico

Is he blaming the island?


David Covucci


As of Tuesday afternoon, Tropical Storm Dorian is in the Carribean, with winds of 55 mph, on a northwestern trajectory that could send it toward Puerto Rico.

Given that it’s hurricane season in the Atlantic right now, and Puerto Rico is an island in the Atlantic, it’s no surprise that it could get battered by a new storm.

But President Donald Trump, still apparently aggrieved that Puerto Rico was hit by the utterly devastating Maria 2017, basically asked the island why it keeps hurricane-ing itself.

“Will it ever end?” Trump asked, seemingly referring to the responsibility to help places in the U.S. potentially recover from natural disasters.

Trump was frequently frustrated and upset with having to help Puerto Rico in the wake of Maria, the kind of anger and annoyance that didn’t manifest itself when Trump was helping Texas recover from Hurricane Harvey. In the wake of the disparate responses, many people called Trump’s response racist.

Now, people are appalled that Trump would respond to a possible natural disaster with such a tweet. Others also pointed out how he much the president was misrepresenting the money Puerto Rico received in aid after Maria.

The figure is nowhere near the $92 billion Trump cited. The government approved $40 billion, but only one-fourth of that has been spent so far.

At least one person just hoped Trump wouldn’t try to nuke the storm.

“That’s not what a bomb cyclone means,” tweeted Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif).

According to a report from, a patch of dry air stands between Dorian and Puerto Rico and may prevent the storm from reaching hurricane strength.


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