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‘How hard is this to understand?’ Karen verbally abuses Tim Hortons worker over donut order

'One of every type of your donuts!'


Rachel Kiley


Published Apr 4, 2021   Updated Apr 5, 2021, 9:17 am CDT

Footage of an angry customer berating a Tim Hortons employee for an apparent miscommunication regarding an order has redditors yet again bemoaning how awful service workers get treated.

The clip was shared by u/KissKissPrince, with a brief explanation that their friend filmed the altercation at the popular Canadian coffee spot and the customer’s issue was that “the worker did not speak fluent English.”

From the very start, the customer is speaking rudely and clearly frustrated that something in her order was not done correctly. She points to a variety of different donuts in the case next to the cash register, at a pace far too rapid for anyone to follow, and demands they all be added to her bag.

“How hard is this to understand?” the woman screams at the worker behind the counter. “One of every type of your donuts!”

The employee politely acquiesces, even as the woman continues raging, until the person filming tries to step in.

“Ma’am, please don’t show disrespect to these people,” he says. “Can you please just calm down?”

At that point, she redirects her anger at him, walking over to wag her finger in his face and insist that she’s already explained her order six times. She tells him to “drop dead.”

“Well that’s very polite. You’re abusing these guys verbally,” he says.

“I’ve had to explain myself six times,” she replies. “I’m going to get mad.”

That last line really sums up the whole video as far as most of the people in the comments are concerned—the customer didn’t get what she wanted when she wanted it, for whatever reason, so she felt entitled to angrily berate the employee who is trying to correct the issue for her.

“Anyone that treats service workers like this needs a very hard punch every time they act like this,” one redditor suggested.

Several also pointed out that pointing to a bunch of different items doesn’t help a worker on the other side know what the customer is referring to and masks can make it harder to understand what people are saying as well.

But the moral of the story seems to be that patience with service workers who are having a hard time understanding a customer for whatever reason is always a much better choice than having a public freakout in the middle of a store.

Or as one user put it: “Lady. They’re donuts. It ain’t that fuckin deep.”

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*First Published: Apr 4, 2021, 3:09 pm CDT