In a viral TikTok, a woman surprises her long distance boyfriend to see he's in bed with another woman.


TikToker catches boyfriend allegedly cheating after flying 6 hours to visit him in viral TikTok

'he was SMILING???????? I would've become a felon that night.'


Tricia Crimmins

Internet Culture

Published Oct 21, 2021   Updated Oct 22, 2021, 10:07 am CDT

In a viral video, a TikToker walks into her long-distance boyfriend’s room to find him in bed with another woman.

In the video posted on Oct. 11 by @sandyyy54321, the TikToker enters the room, and he pushes her away as she takes off his covers to reveal the woman in bed with him.

“My boyfriend cheated on me after I flew 6 hours to visit him,” she captioned the video, which has over 2 million views.

The video is set to Ellie Goulding’s “Still Falling For You,” which has become popular alongside the Couch Guy TikTok trend; Couch Guy refers to a video of a woman surprising her long-distance boyfriend. When she walks into the room he’s in, he is seen sitting on a couch with other women. His reaction to seeing her sparked a ton of speculation.

@sandyyyy54321 commented on the video asking viewers to let her know if they know the woman shown in bed with her boyfriend.

The Couch Guy trend has spawned countless parodies, and commenters are divided as to whether or not @sandyyyy54321’s video is staged or not.

“This trend gives me trust issues because I [can’t] tell which ones are real or not,” @lilyymortenson wrote.

“Post without the audio,” @matthewbuuurke commented. “I can’t tell if this is real.”

Others took the video at face value and expressed sympathy for @sandyyyy54321.

“Oh honey I’m so sorry,” @summer.see commented. “You’re too pretty for a boy who thinks red LED lights are romantic.”

“I feel so bad for both girls involved,” @uractualmum420 commented.

Others remarked on the boyfriend’s demeanor after getting allegedly caught cheating, with one saying: “he was SMILING???????? I would’ve become a felon that night.”

The similarities to the trend didn’t go unnoticed, either.

“Omg I was expecting this to be a joke like couch guy,” @madsarvs wrote. “[I’m] so sorry girl.”

“Couch guy… meet COUCH BED,” @uniquetrin commented.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @sandyyy54321 via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Oct 21, 2021, 2:53 pm CDT