TikToker Influencer Pedophile Baiting


‘This is not acceptable’: TikToker accuses adult influencer of ‘pedophile baiting’ by editing her photos to look like a teen

‘Why is she posting explicit content and editing her face to look adolescent?’


Kathryn Cardin


A TikToker accused an adult social media influencer of pedophile baiting in a viral video. The TikToker alleges the influencer edits her explicit content to make herself appear younger than she really is. 

The TikTok video, posted by @bekahdayyy on June 21, alleges the user—@cosmickitty143 on Instagram—took it “past the point of smoothing her skin texture to take a few years off to completely changing her facial structure to look like a young teenager.”

She says it reminds her of “the baby filter on Snapchat.”


Creating fuel for p-words and profiting off of it doesn’t sit right with me. #AsSceneOnTubi #PrimeDayDealsDance #TubiTaughtMe #viral #fy #instagram

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The TikToker shares the alleged real name of the influencer, who, according to her social media pages, is an artist and content creator. She also has a Twitter account and an OnlyFans page.

The TikTok video shows an unedited picture of the user’s face beside an edited photo which she has posted to social media. The difference in appearance is obvious. 

“So why is she posting explicit content and editing her face to look adolescent? … Who do you think they’re editing it for? I can’t say the word, but I think you catch my drift,” she says, implying the influencer is trying to appeal to pedophiles.

“I understand there is a market for it, but at the end of the day, this is p-word baiting and this is not acceptable,” she adds.

The TikToker has posted other “Instagram vs. Real Life” videos, in which she compares what influencers and celebrities look like in unedited photos vs. edited photos. 

The video has so far garnered 730,000 likes and 13,400 comments.

“Nah fr anyone who subscribed to them should be investigated. It’s too close to the bone,” commented @user5068510589888.

The OnlyFans page has 3,100 posts with 1.25 million likes and 11,800 fans. 

“How does someone have the time and patience to edit their face in every single picture for YEARS???? She never shows her face in videos too…,” wrote @slayerhexx.

“People think that if you can give then an ethical fantasy option, then they won’t hurt real kids– THAT IS FALSE. false,” added @heatherenby.

“Yeah she blocked me after i commented something that’s how you know she KNOWS it’s wrong bu just doesn’t wanna admit it,” commented a third user, @alythefuturemilf.

The Daily Dot reached out to @bekahdayyy and @cosmickitty143.

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