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‘Someone assumed I was drunk’: TikToker with mobility issues says someone called the cops on her after they saw her walking with limp

'I'm still learning how to walk.'


Rachel Kiley


Published Nov 9, 2021   Updated Nov 10, 2021, 10:08 am CST

A TikToker says she was leaving a restaurant when someone assumed she was driving drunk and called the police. The woman says, however, that she was struggling with mobility following an accident.

Laine (user @insanelaine6218) shared a short video in October that showed flashing police lights outside of her car.

“Got pulled over across the street from my house for RECKLESS DRIVING!” the TikToker wrote. “Someone assumed I was drunk…um nope sweetie I’m 6 months pregnant and learning how to walk again after being in a motorcycle accident that broke my entire pelvis…”


Laine made a series of follow-up videos explaining that she and her husband had decided to go out for a date night, despite both still struggling with pain following a motorcycle accident earlier this year.

“We both are in a lot of pain. I’m still learning how to walk, he just had surgery on his knee, so… but we just were like, OK, we’re going to go out,” she said.

Laine said she struggled to walk to the car and that her husband helped her along. She also acknowledged that in hindsight, she understood why someone may have thought there was alcohol at play—despite her being six months pregnant and not drinking.

The TikToker said that as the couple pulled up outside of their house, a police car that had been following them from the main road pulled them over. The officer said that someone at the restaurant had reported reckless driving, mentioned Laine wobbling while walking to the car, and provided their license plate number.

The same officer had been at the scene of the couple’s accident several months prior, so once they explained the situation, they were all able to have a good laugh about the confusion.

“So pretty much all I did was pull into my driveway and hobble my way out of my car and into my house,” the TikToker recounted. “It was funny. That was our cute date night!”

Commenters reminded others that calling the police on people who look like they can’t walk could cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

“Not everyone can walk straight, when my [rheumatoid arthritis] acts up my knees hurt so bad I can’t walk straight,” one TikToker said.

“This is why we ask questions first then call cops if there is an actual incident,” @melbelle710 suggested. “Get the intent but not executed greatly.”

“My brother walks with a severe limp,” another viewer said. “The new cops in the small town we live in always think he’s drunk! He’s gotten into a few arguments because they refuse to believe him.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Laine for comment.

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*First Published: Nov 9, 2021, 12:41 pm CST