woman in parking garage with caption 'karen parks in a handicapped spot then hits me with her hand and car!'


‘They always act like the victim’: TikToker accuses Karen of illegally parking in handicapped spot, says she hit him with her car in retaliation

'These freaking people man.'


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Feb 3, 2022   Updated on Feb 7, 2022, 1:47 pm CST

It seems that there’s nothing a “Karen” likes doing more than doubling down when they’re called out on something, which is exactly what happened after a TikToker confronted a woman who snagged a handicapped-accessible parking space. She did not appear to have a license plate or windshield card indicating handicapped status.

User @unclemooseknuckle labeled the woman a “Karen” and expressed his frustration with the situation, noting that he “called [the woman] out for parking in a handicapped spot then she assaulted me.”

The viral video, which by Thursday had more than 436,000 views, appears to pick up after the call-out: A woman wearing a safety vest and an American flag mask appears to be angry at the TikToker for recording their interaction.

“Are you taping me?” she demands. “You know that’s against the law.”

He explains that it’s not, as they are in a public place and she has “no reasonable expectation of privacy,” but she simply accuses him of looking for a fight. Laws about filming in public vary from state to state but generally do not prohibit filming people in public spaces.

In a wheelchair himself, @unclemooseknuckle moves to the other side of her vehicle as she gets in—and passes her “Pray for America” bumper sticker—so that he won’t be in the way if she abruptly back up.

“Are you gonna hit me?” he asks, getting closer to the driver’s side. At that point, the woman appears to smack his phone before backing out of the spot. As she passes him in the vehicle, his phone shakes from impact. There’s no visible hit on camera, but the TikToker later claimed that she hit him with both her hand and her car.


Called her out for parking in a handicapped spot then she assaulted me. @thatdaneshguy #tiktokkarens #karensgonewrong #whysoangry

♬ original sound – Uncle Mooseknuckle

It wasn’t immediately clear why the woman’s believed she could use the handicapped-accessible parking spot. Between that and the alleged assault, viewers generally took the side of @unclemooseknuckle in the altercation.

“You got her plate and video press charges,” suggested @vic1sch.

“So wait. She broke the law, and tried to falsely accuse him of breaking the law,” @rcrande wrote. “These freaking people man.”

Several viewers pointed to both the American flag mask and the “Pray for America” bumper sticker as tell-tale red flags for entitlement, while @antisocialfilter expressed frustration with “many elderly (not all) [who think that being] old is a reasonable defense for parking in a disabled spot.”

“They always act like the victim when they get called out on their actions,” @bagamipon added.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @unclemooseknuckle via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Feb 3, 2022, 5:34 pm CST