Target employee quits via intercom


‘And your mannequins look like sh*t’: Target worker quits, calls out co-workers on intercom before leaving in viral TikTok

‘Which is why we call her that Karen-a** Lucifer Linda.'


Nahila Bonfiglio


Posted on Nov 19, 2021   Updated on Nov 19, 2021, 10:56 am CST

A Target employee shared his thoroughly satisfying final moments on the job in a viral TikTok, and viewers can’t get enough.

TikTok user @edwinpos1, who goes by Edwin Pos on the platform, shared the video to his page on Nov. 16. In the three days its been up, the less than 1-minute clip has been viewed more than 4 million times. Comments continue to flood in from delighted users who are celebrating Pos’ delightfully malicious method of putting in his final notice.

The video sees Pos participate in an increasingly popular trend on TikTok, where disgruntled employees call their managers, bosses, and co-workers out via a store’s intercom. The video begins on Pos as he stands in what appears to be the back room of a Target in South Loop, a neighborhood in Chicago. A text overlay informs viewers that Pos “quit [his] job today.”

After a brief moment of dialing, Pos launches into a vicious and delectably malicious rant that ends with his quitting. He notifies Target guests that the time is now “9 whatever” before informing them that “I quit.”

“I’m quitting this fucking whole-ass job,” Pos says into the intercom. He goes on to rail against “that bitch Jessica” and her “pussy-ass email,” along with “that no-lip bitch Linda” who apparently harrasses the style team “daily.” This behavior, according to Pos’ rant, is “why we call her that Karen-ass Lucifer Linda.” He also calls out a Mary, who he says is a “shit boss and doesn’t give a fuck about her employees.” Rebecca gets an unexpectedly nice shout-out, as he excludes her from the rest of the team.

Pos polishes off his store-wide final notice with a closing note of “fuck Target, fuck this store that never has shit anyways, and fuck management. I quit, now go write an email about that, bitch.”

Commenters were blown away by the enviable pettiness of Pos’ announcement. They flooded the comments section with congratulations and messages of envy, celebrating Pos’ gall in quitting in such a public and stellar fashion.

“Leave no supervisor undragged,” one person wrote. “I’m honestly proud of you for this level of bravery to stand up for yourself to literally an entire store,” another person said.

Numerous people found themselves fixated on the Rebecca call-out, and celebrated seemingly the only good member of Target’s management team.

Several commenters took a different route, however, and criticized Pos for leaving his job in such a public fashion. They called him a “clown” and “unprofessional” and noted their opinions that employees should be polite and demure when they quit. Most of the comments section disagreed with this stance, with a number of former and current Target employees standing behind Pos and calling the company out for poor management.

Quite a few people also saw the video as an example of the current work environment. They called on “these jobs” to “do better” by their employees and congratulated Pos on “promoting [himself] to guest.”

In a series of follow-ups, Pos clarified a few details about his time at Target, and about his final moments on the job. Numerous people pointed out that his original video ends with a barely audible voice asking for backup, which many people assumed was for Pos. They worried that security came for him, but Pos says he made it out of the store with no interference.

He also addressed people’s pressing questions about Lucifer Linda. He called out one incident, in particular, in which he was shifted from his normal position in the lower floor of the Target to the upper floor. Midway through his shift, Pos says he got thirsty and realized he’d forgotten his water bottle downstairs. When he went to retrieve it, Linda accused him of “loafing” and insisted that they have a meeting to address his behavior. In a recording of the incident saved to Pos’ phone, Lucifer Linda can be heard telling Pos that Target employees should retrieve water on a breaks or during lunch, rather than when they get thirsty.

Viewers are largely behind Pos and his inspired method of quitting, flooding the comment sections of numerous videos with congratulations and envious comments.

Pos, for his part, seems thrilled with his newly unemployed status and isn’t overly concerned with where his next job prospect lies. He did not respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment before publishing time.

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*First Published: Nov 19, 2021, 10:46 am CST