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‘What do you want me to clock out for?’: Target manager tells worker to clock out for the day. She won’t say why

'I would have called her manager.'


Cecilia Lenzen


Posted on Nov 15, 2022

A Target worker says his manager told him to clock out for the day but refused to tell him why. The worker recorded his manager while questioning her decision to have him clock out. He posted the recording on TikTok, where it received 1.4 million views.

In the video, posted by TikTok user Sebastian Frazier (@itsbass0), Frazier’s manager points to the door and tells him to “go ahead and clock out for the day.” Frazier asks why she wants him to clock out, but she ignores his questioning and continues to tell him to clock out. The two talk over each other for several seconds, with Frazier continuing to demand answers and the manager repeatedly telling him to clock out.

“You won’t tell me what you want me to clock out for,” Frazier says. “Because you sit here and you disrespect multiple associates.”

@itsbass0 I’m speaking out for those who won’t do it themselves everyone deserves to be respected at work especially by upper management #target #worklife #workplaceproblems #working #toxic #toxicworkplace #toxicworkenvironment #fyp #viral #ethics #ethics101 #humanresources #targetrun #life #standup #speakup #speakout #DidYouYawn ♬ original sound – Sebastian Frazier

The TikToker tells his manager that she not only disrespected him but also several of his co-workers. The manager refuses to acknowledge anything he says.

Finally, Frazier clocks out while still insisting that the manager disrespected multiple associates. He does not say in the video how the manager disrespected them. After he clocks out, the manager tells him, “thank you and good night.”

Frazier follows the manager as he makes his way out of the store. “Stop disrespecting associates. Stop doing it,” Frazier tells her. “You really don’t need to. Don’t talk to people like we’re your kids. We’re not your kids. We’re not your kids; we’re not your fiancé. Don’t disrespect us.”

In the video’s caption, Frazier adds, “I’m speaking out for those who won’t do it themselves everyone deserves to be respected at work especially by upper management.”

His video was met with support from many commenters.

“AS YOU SHOULD!!” one viewer wrote.

Many other users encouraged Frazier to go to HR.

“You and those associates need to file a complaint to HR,” one user commented.

“And I would’ve called HR on the spot and let them know that she’s not even giving you a valid reason as to why she’s asking you to clock out,” another wrote.

Viewers also commented their disapproval of managers at retail locations like Target.

“Managers think they can talk to employees however they feel,” one viewer commented.

“I can’t stand a MANAGER that won’t have a conversation! cause they’re wrong!” a second wrote.

“Why do managers think they own the companies they work for at $19 an hour?” another commented. In response, Frazier wrote, “They need to understand it’s a corporation they don’t make the rules and policies it’s not a mom and pop store.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Sebastian Frazier via TikTok comment and to Target via email.

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*First Published: Nov 15, 2022, 6:54 am CST