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‘The most weaponized ‘calm down’ i’ve ever heard’: Spectrum employee records confrontation from store manager

‘A manager should never act that way.’


Brooke Sjoberg


A Spectrum employee’s viral series of videos capturing a confrontation from his store manager in which she accuses him of being disrespectful and raising his voice at her has viewers urging the poster to seek new employment.

In a series of four videos posted by @abetterji, the conversation between himself and his manager escalates from her grilling him about perceived changes in mood to her accusing him of being disrespectful.


Cant make this up

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“All I’m asking is to have a consistent mood. If you have stuff going on outside of this store, to leave it outside the store,” his manager says in one of the videos. “When you leave, I don’t care who you tell, you did not tell me that you left. That is my issue.”

However, @abetterji points out that another employee was not required to clear anything with the store manager before leaving, leading to a disagreement about whether or not she had been in the store at the time.

As @abetterji accuses his manager of discriminating against him based on his gender, his manager again tells him to stop raising his voice, cursing at him in the process. When he decides to remove himself from the situation, she also accuses him of “squaring up to her,” as if he were to harm her.


♬ original sound – abetterji

Viewers urged @abetterji to report his manager to regulatory authorities or to hire an employment attorney.

“The fact that she is cursing needs to be automatic termination because this is so ridiculously unprofessional,” one viewer wrote. “Please file against her and this company.”

“So serious!” another commenter said. “Please don’t allow this to be swept under the rug. They think this is okay and need to be taught a lesson.”

“A manager should never act that way,” a third user argued. “She will be fired soon. It’s hard to find people so anyone can be a manager now.”

Others criticized the way his manager spoke to him, with some calling her expectations regarding his mood unfair or unrealistic.

“She didn’t want to have a conversation, she wanted to belittle you,” one commenter wrote.

“Is she not listening to herself speak?” a second user noted. “Tone is definitely giving attitude. “First of all” seems like she trying to ‘check’ somebody?”

“Consistent mood?” a third questioned. “Life doesn’t allow that at times. She need to get training. Call corporate HR immediately.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @abetterji via Instagram direct message and to Spectrum directly via email regarding the video.

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