Sonic employee with headset on with caption 'Total: 23.72 'Ma'am I only have 20 on cash app and rest in cash'' (l) Sonic drive thru at night with car pulled up (c) Sonic employee with headset on with caption 'Total: 23.72 'Ma'am I only have 20 on cash app and rest in cash'' (r)

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‘I only have $20 on CashApp’: Sonic customer tries to pay for order in partial payments

'I’ll give them a lil discount.'


Luna Danielle


Posted on Mar 23, 2023

A viral TikTok shows a Sonic employee telling users that they can not process multiple forms of payment at their restaurant’s location.

Content creator @rst.ken received more than 466,000 views on the comedic video. The TikTok contains a written quote from a supposed customer on the screen stating, “Ma’am I only have 20 on Cash App and the rest in cash.” 

@rst.ken Just cash app me I’ll pay #fypシ #viral #work ♬ original sound – ٴٴٴٴٴٴٴٴٴٴ

The video is part of a trend that uses the TikTok sound “I was not the only one,” in reference to the creator’s caption, which states “Just cash app me, I’ll pay,” and how she’s not the only one whose wanted to cover a customer’s total due to the restaurant’s split payment restriction. 

The Daily Dot reached out to @rst.ken via TikTok comments.

Many users who claim to be ex-Sonic workers related to the video.

“My old Sonic said NO PARTIAL PAYMENTS,” a user says followed by a slew of laughing emojis.

“You was not the only one but I got fired for doing it,” another comments in reference to the creator’s caption. 

“Or I’ll give them a lil discount,” one adds.

But some users were confused about why split payments are not accepted at the creator’s Sonic location.

“Do card first then cash,” one user stated.

“At my Sonic you can do card first and if it’s not enough on the card you can do cash afterwards it would just go to your wallet,” another commented.

The content creator liked a reply that said, “At Sonic you can’t split payments, it’s not an option on our machine.”

This isn’t the only video @rst.ken posted about Sonic payment methods that sparked confusion. 

The content creator also posted a video about how their Sonic location also doesn’t accept Apple Pay. @Rst.ken’s video quotes another supposed customer stating, “Ma’am do you guys take Apple Pay.”

In response, the content creator comically mouths the viral TikTok sound “No no no no no,” bringing awareness to another location-based Sonic store policy.

@rst.ken Gon head n pull off #fypシ #viral #work ♬ no no no no – kylo

The Daily Dot reached out to Sonic for comment through their contact page. The restaurant website states, “We’re also working on letting you pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay soon!”

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*First Published: Mar 23, 2023, 2:37 pm CDT