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‘When else are they going to take a break?’: Customer complains about worker being on break during service, sparking debate

‘Another server should have been assigned your table.’


Brooke Sjoberg


A restaurant customer said the server assigned to her table went on break mid-service, and viewers are debating on the proper etiquette for taking breaks.

The video posted by @beinggreedyatl shows the food they were eating with a text overlay describing the situation was viewed more than 520,000 times on the platform.

“Our server went missing for 20 minutes and we had to physically get up and find someone to help us,” the superimposed text reads. “When the server returned, she apologized and said that she was on break???”

@beinggreedyatl Sorry but since when do servers take breaks during service. Otherwise, we enjoyed our experience . Location: DIRTY RASCALS ##atlfoodblog##atlfoodie##atleats##restaurantreview ♬ original sound – igetbannedsomuch

“Sorry but since when do servers take breaks during service. Otherwise, we enjoyed our experience,” the TikToker said in the caption. The customer also name-dropped the restaurant they dined at. In the comments section, they clarified that they were looking for their server because they needed another drink.

Some viewers agreed with @beinggreedyatl that the server should have waited to take their break.

“So (you’re) supposed to wait in the middle of a dinner (you’re) paying for so (your) server can take a break?” one commenter wrote. “No lol.”

Many pointed out that while this is actually a common practice among servers, another server should have been assigned to cover the table.

“Your server didn’t drop the ball,” one commenter wrote. “They took a break we are rarely allowed and management dropped the ball covering their section.”

“Another server was supposed to cover your table then,” another commenter wrote. “Not the waitresses fault.”

And the top comment questioned breaks for servers altogether, saying: “Wait servers are supposed to get breaks. I’ve never gotten a break ever.”

@beinggreedyatl appears to be a new food TikTok account based in Atlanta. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Georgia law, per Georgia’s Department of Labor (DOL), do not “require breaks or meal periods be given to workers.”

If an employer does decide to provide workers with “short breaks,” or a break of under 30 minutes, the FLSA “requires workers be paid for short break periods,” according to the DOL.

“However an employer does not have to compensate for meal periods of thirty minutes or more, as long as the workers are free to use the meal period time as they wish and are not required to perform work during that time,” the DOL further notes.

The TikToker’s two other videos similarly criticize their dining experiences. “Usually I have a five-star experience. This was a huge disappointment,” the TikToker wrote of their “Nan Thai Fine Dining” experience.

“Do you ever enjoy your meal?” one commenter who seemingly viewed all the TikToker’s videos questioned.

In response, the TikToker promised that “more positives reviews are on the way.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @beinggreedyatl via Instagram direct message.

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