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The ‘Samara Challenge’ in Italy is going to get someone hurt

Dressing up as ‘The Ring’ character to roam around at night seems like a bad idea.


Siobhan Ball


Viral challenges are nothing new. While some of them are harmless, others are dangerous. The #SamaraChallenge trending in Italy definitely falls into the latter category.

The Samara Challenge, explained

In the Samara Challenge, people dress up as Samara from The Ring, the American remake of the Japanese horror classic. They then go out alone at night, or with friends following at enough of a distance that they seem alone to the people they encounter. Seems like a great idea, and definitely not something that’s going to end with someone getting stabbed.

The people having to put up with the challenge going on around them are particularly annoyed about it.

Translated: But the meaning of this #SamaraChallenge would be? And what if the poor victim is heart disease and something bad happens? And if someone caught by fear reacts violently and you hurt yourself? And if you connected the brain before giving way to certain useless and harmful shit?

With some schadenfreude when things go wrong for the participants.

Translated: #SamaraChallenge in Naples. Fear among the people, the reckless cosplayers risk being lynched. We are delirious.

Translated: “I’m dying, help me.”

Some people are finding a little joy in it, even while they’re annoyed or worried.

Translated: Me: Mom, be careful when you bring the dog there

#SamaraChallenge around Rome in the evening

My mom sends me a picture

Translation: OK now I’ve seen everything

Even gelato and coffee places are in on it.

Given the risks, you should probably not participate in this challenge, unless you’re doing it safely at home like some Twitter users.

Translation: How to scare your sister.

Translation: we came, we saw, we buggered her


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