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Woman goes viral responding to Dani Mathers’s body-shaming Snapchat

All bodies are beautiful.


Jaya Saxena


Last week, model Dani Mathers Snapchatted a photo of a nude woman changing in a gym locker room, with the caption “If I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either.” The snap got her banned from L.A. Fitness, and suspended from a regular radio gig. 

Now, one woman has shared her body—and story—to show Mathers there’s nothing to shame.

The hashtag #UnseeThis popped up on Facebook in response to Mathers’s snap, and Facebook user Christine Blackmon, who goes by Delicate Flower, used it to illustrate how women are made to feel ashamed of their bodies, and that you don’t have to be a Playboy model to be beautiful.

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Other women began responding with photos of themselves and stories of hardships they’ve endured that have caused changes to their bodies—such as chronic diseases, surgeries, giving birth, and eating disorders. As one commenter put it, “We are all different and body shaming doesn’t help anyone. Healthy and happy comes in many shapes and sizes.”

Blackmon also followed it up with a video, saying she didn’t anticipate the post to get picked up so much, and that she might not have done it if she had known. However, she said “none of us feel 100 percent pretty and beautiful all of the time, and the key is having people in our corner that will rally for us when we don’t have the strength ourselves. And you guys did it.”

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In other news, it seems Mathers took her Facebook page down. 

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