'Poet guy' sends a ton of texts to a woman in a viral TikTok.


‘Why do men think they can monologue us against our will’: Poet guy sends many unsolicited texts to woman from class in viral TikTok

'Is it ghosting if you've never had a conversation?'


Laiken Neumann


Posted on Dec 28, 2021   Updated on Dec 29, 2021, 8:30 am CST

A man sent TikTok user @mb2chainz a series of texts confessing his attraction to her, screenshots of which she then shared to TikTok. Other users responded with disgust and fear toward the man, while many commented in support of the woman.

“You looked great in our classes, btw. I’m not sure what improvements can be made ;),” his first text reads.

Behind the screenshot plays a popular TikTok audio with a soundbite from Real Housewives of Atlanta: “What happened to hello? How are you? My name is?” 

However, after the woman didn’t respond, he followed up: “Thought I would’ve heard from you by now, I hope my compliment wasn’t misunderstood.”

When @mb2chainz failed to respond again, the man launched into a paragraphs-long confessional.

“Mary Beth, I guess you ghosted me. I’m not the kind of guy that gets ghosted,” he wrote. “[…] My life is a physical, mental, and spiritual journey. Whether you intended it or not you played a part in furthering my progress on that journey.”

He then launched into prose about how impressive it is that he’s attracted to her, which the TikToker shared in a follow-up video.


“I know a lot of pretty women. I’m only actually attracted to maybe 5 or 10% of them. It just takes something more to attract me.”

He claims her tattoo attracted him, it made “something go CLICK.” The man then describes a hypothetical situation of taking another woman on a date to the Meadows Center in San Marcos, Texas.

“But I’ll remember that it was supposed to be different, supposed to be another beautiful woman, we were going to have a conversation, a conversation at the Meadows Center.” 

The TikToker added an audio of musician Lana Del Rey, emphasizing the angst behind the man’s poetic text. “I’m a real poet. My life is my poetry,” Del Rey says. 

Her first TikTok received over 700,000 views, and many users called out the man’s behavior in the comments. 

“Why do men think they can monologue to us against our will,” one user said.

“When I say words of affirmation is my love language I don’t mean this,” said another.

Similarly, many supported the woman’s point-of-view, understanding why she would “ghost” him.

“Why do men think that they are entitled to our time and energy,” one user said.

“Is it ghosting if you’ve never had a conversation? I feel like it’s not,” a second said.

Others were concerned for her safety and connected the man’s actions to the obsessive character Joe Goldberg from the Netflix show You.

“This is joe goldberg type stuff… girl you may wanna go to some type of authority abt this one,” said one user. 

“The way he says ‘Mary Beth’ is giving me Joe from You vibes,” another said.

User @mb2chainz said in the caption that he sent five more texts after those in the screenshots. However, she mentioned in the comments that she did block him afterward. 

The Daily Dot reached out to user @mb2chainz via TikTok comment. 

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*First Published: Dec 28, 2021, 8:06 am CST