hand with ointment on it (l) couple in car (c) young man walking into room with cup (r) captioned 'found out my boyfriend was cheating on me because I'm allergic to olaplex and as soon as he came over I broke out into hives'


‘I use Olaplex, free my mans, he ain’t do nothin wrong’: TikToker jokes about Olaplaex allergy exposing cheating boyfriend, sparking debate

‘No man’s i know is using olapex y’all wake up.’


Melody Heald


A woman on TikTok jokingly claimed an allergic reaction she experienced tipped her off to her boyfriend’s cheating in a video that’s been viewed over 7 million times. The TikToker later revealed this is the “THIRD fake scandal” she’s created about their relationship.

In the video, Gabby Gleeson films her arm, which is covered in bumps and medicine. She turns the camera to show her boyfriend, who entered the room.  

“Found out my boyfriend was cheating on me because I’m allergic to olaplex and as soon as he came over I broke out into hives,” Gleeson said via text overlay.

While the TikToker later clarified she was joking, the video sparked a debate about whether straight men even use products by Olaplaex, a brand that specializes in hair care products. Its most popular product is the Nº.3, which costs roughly $30 and is an a-home treatment aimed at repairing and strengthening hair.

“I use Olaplex, free my mans, he ain’t do nothin wrong,” Dr. Shah, a popular doctor specializing in dermatology, commented.

“My best friend is a male and he uses olaplex to keep his hair healthy… maybe he uses it,” another argued.

“I mean imma guy and I use it so maybe he decided to take care of his hair,” a third claimed.

Other TikTokers seemingly drowned out comments that either argued men use Olaplaex, too, or that Gleeson would know if her boyfriend was a regular Olaplaex user. “No man’s i know is using olapex y’all wake up,” Gleeson commented.

“If he USED olaplex i think his gf would know,” another pointed out.

Another argued the “real tragedy is that you’re allergic to olaplex.” “Im sorry babe,” they added.

@gabgleeson_ Lmfao wtf is wrong with him #FrunktheBeat #cheater #bf #olaplex ♬ I Love You by Young Slo Be – ʚ❤︎ɞNanami’s Wifeʚ❤︎ɞ

In a follow-up video, Gleeson revealed the “scandal” was fake.

“Me telling my boyfriend about the THIRD fake scandal i made about our relationship that ive posted on tiktok that has gotten over a million views. He never even knew i made the olaplex vid whoops. I don’t know what olaplex even is lowkey, should i buy it even if my hair isn’t damaged??” she wrote via text overlay.

@gabgleeson_ Reply to @briannagrout ♬ original sound – burrow.edits

Even though Gleeson’s alleged experience wasn’t real, at least one viewer did find out their now-ex cheated in a similar manner.

“I got hives from my ex after he cheated on me , trust your instincts!” one warned.

The Daily Dot reached out to Gleeson via TikTok comment.

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