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Sick of the word ‘millennial’? We’ve got your fix

You can’t erase the generation, but now you can get rid of the word. 


Sarah Weber


What’s an 11-letter word for lazy generation of entitled know-it-alls who are going to simultaneously save the environment, the economy, and the world — if only they could just stop texting already?

Millennials. We’re sick of hearing it and you are, too.

But while it’s likely that essays bemoaning the worthlessness of the American youth or hyperventilating about its greatness will never really go away, there’s a new Chrome extension that will at least clear your browser of the dreaded word.

With it installed, all references to “millennials” become “pesky whipper-snappers.”

Created by Zeke Weeks, it’s geniusly tongue-in-cheek enough to be ironic for the young, while remaining quite literal for people who enjoy fiber cereal and yelling at kids on their lawn.

Presto chango:

H/T Buzzfeed | Photo by Erin Nekervis/Flickr

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