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‘Measuring tape Karen’ freaks out on beach-goers over social distancing

A video shows the pro-social distancing Karen getting dragged away while screaming, ‘Get out of here!’


Rachel Kiley


While most of the public freakouts that have been happening lately seem to involve maskless shoppers absolutely crumbling upon being asked to wear a mask, it turns out pro-social distancing folks are just as capable of melting down.

A recent video shared to Facebook shows a woman wielding a measuring tape and screaming at a group of people at the beach, presumably for not staying as far away from her as she would like. “Get out of here!” she screams.

The recording doesn’t start until the woman is already screaming that she’s trying to protect her family—a claim that doesn’t make much sense considering it’s obvious the woman recording, Maria Maravilla, is sitting significantly farther away from the irate woman’s beach set up than the six feet suggested by social distancing protocols.

Two people with the woman literally drag her away kicking and screaming, back over to their own blanket, while Maravilla just calmly records the spectacle.

“It’s people like you that are ruining it for all of us!” the woman yells before the video finally comes to an end.

According to a later comment from Maravilla, the woman harassed them into moving two times before the video was taken.

“I got my phone when I told her to go get the measuring tape,” she recounted. “And as I saw her coming I told her if you get close to me I’m going to record you and this is how she was acting.”

She also said the woman was also upset they were not wearing masks, despite not wearing one herself.

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Maravilla’s post soon racked up over a thousand shares and another thousand comments, but it truly went viral after being set to “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics.

Many online took issue with how entitled the woman acted. “She’s the one approaching you without no mask spitting all over y’all,” one wrote.

“She could of just moved her damn self,” wrote another. “Also has no mask and is approaching others to scream.”


We may not have a solid grasp as to what’s going on in this video, but it’s apparent that COVID-19 is bringing out the worst in all sorts of people.



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