Man stands in front of car, refusing to hand over insurance.


‘This is a man that has never had a woman stand up to him’: Male Karen ‘gaslights’ TikToker, refuses to give insurance info after car accident

'You're obviously very young.'


Laiken Neumann


Published Dec 27, 2021   Updated Dec 27, 2021, 2:46 pm CST

After his daughter allegedly rear-ended a woman, a so-called “male Karen” refused to give her his daughter’s insurance card. The woman, user @karenswilding1989, shared a series of viral TikToks of the man who continued to belittle her. 

The woman, who was stopped at a stop sign when her car was struck, asked his daughter to hold her insurance card up to her phone so she could have her information. 

“No, no. You’re not doing that,” the male Karen says in the TikTok, ripping the card from his daughter’s hands. 

In another clip, he claims the woman is “trying to pull a scam.”

“Are you serious?” the woman follows up. “How am I pulling a scam if she hit me?”

The first TikTok in the series received over 2.8 million views, with the three following videos reaching hundreds of thousands of views. It’s unclear where the incident took place.


Karens daughter rearends me & then calls him to come harass me. He’s ripping the insurance from her hands. Cops were called. #karensgoingwild

♬ original sound – karenswilding1989

The man insists that there was no damage from the collision, arguing that scratches on the woman’s bumper were not from his daughter’s car. He only gave the woman his daughter’s ID and phone number. 

“I want you to have your guy call me, we’ll look at the damage, and then if it’s needed, I’ll give you the insurance if it’s some giant thing,” he says.

“You’re obviously very young and so is she,” he goes on.

In the second TikTok, the woman claims that the man continually asked her to call her father, boyfriend, or husband so he could speak with them. 

“Who’s your body shop person?” he asks, waiting for a response. “Well, you act like you know.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” the woman says.


Here’s the part where he tried to prove the scratch wasn’t actually from her hitting me. The poor women in his life. #karensgoingwild #malekaren

♬ original sound – karenswilding1989

After the male Karen continuously fails to cooperate, the woman calls him out for his behavior.

“You’re a jackass and I really feel sorry for every single woman, including your daughter, in your life, because you can’t seem to have any sort of understanding,” she said. “I feel sorry for every woman in your life because you’re an ass.”

The man claimed he couldn’t hear her over the sounds of traffic.


Male Karen thought being a sexist pig was the right course of action while asking ME for a favor. #karensgoingwild #malekaren #karensoftiktok

♬ original sound – karenswilding1989

In the fourth TikTok, the user @karenswilding1989 made an edit clowning the male Karen quite literally. Circus music backs clips of him claiming that the woman’s stop was “contributory” to the collision, while she inserts a clip of the collision from a home camera nearby. 

“This is a man that has never had a woman stand up to him,” the woman wrote via text on the TikTok. 

She then states that the police forced the man to hand over his insurance.

“Ladies! Never let a sexist ‘man’ like this push you around, gaslight you and mansplain to you what HE wants YOU to do,” she wrote. “No matter how small of an accident. Always get insurance and stand up for yourself.”

While some TikTok users claimed in the comments that the woman should have let it go if the damage wasn’t bad, others flooded in with stories of seemingly minor scratches costing them thousands of dollars. 

“Someone backed into me and even though it was the tiniest scratch it was $2000 because they hit a sensor that needed to be replaced. If I hadn’t gotten insurance infor, I would have been left with that bill,” one user said.

Many other TikTok users wondered why the woman didn’t call the cops as soon as the man failed to cooperate. But others praised the woman for standing up to him.

“Yaasssss babe good for you!” 

The Daily Dot reached out to user @karenswilding1989 via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Dec 27, 2021, 8:51 am CST