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Jason Derulo accused of disrespecting Chicano culture with ‘Lean Like a Cholo’ TikTok

The 'Lean Like a Cholo' challenge creator spoke out against Derulo.


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Posted on Jul 8, 2020   Updated on Jan 27, 2021, 10:22 am CST

Jason Derulo, along with other top TikTok content creators, is being accused of disrespecting Chicano culture by dancing to “Lean Like a Cholo” on the platform.

Derulo appeared in the TikTok dancing with Sommer Ray, Tayler Holder, and girlfriend Jena Frumes. Both Ray and Derulo both posted different videos of the group dancing to Down AKA Kilo’s 2007 hit.


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♬ Lean like a Cholo challenge – ogtaco214

This was fun… @jenafrumes @itstaylerholder @sommerray

♬ Lean like a Cholo challenge – ogtaco214

Their videos have millions of views. Shortly after being posted, users began calling for the posts to be deleted. Many said they were being “disrespectful to Chicano culture.”

“On behalf of the Hispanic/Latinos/and Chicanos we don’t approve of this,” one commenter wrote. “You guys could’ve at least took the time to learn the real dance…”

Some defended the celebrities, with one saying, “Everyone is offended by EVERYTHING these days it’s sad how y’all so sensitive idk how ur gonna make it in life.”

However, Chicanos, or a person of Mexican descent, were the most vocal amongst those advocating for the videos to be taken down. “Cholo” is a Chicano term used to refer to one another in the community.

TikToker @Og_taco, who created the “challenge” the group was seemingly participating in, noted in the comments he was uncomfortable with their videos.

“Ah nah they used my sound compas, and that [DON’T] feel right!” he wrote in the comments.

Derulo replied to his comment asking why he felt this way.

“[Please] explain to me why we shouldn’t dance to this song?” Derulo wrote. “Because I don’t get it. I’d never want to exclude any race from dancing to my music.”

While some said they would not have had a problem with the video if the group properly learned the dance, others did not approve of the trend altogether. “CHICANO CULTURE ISNT A TREND,” one said.

Some do not think people who are not part of the Latinx or Chicanx community should participate in the trend. “If you ain’t Chicano or latinx this song ain’t for you tbh,” one wrote.

Another user offered Derulo more of an explanation as to why it is problematic. “I don’t think this is offensive but [it’s] not right because cholos will dance and get called ghetto for it while they dance it and get [applauded],” they wrote.

The TikToks are still up, and none of the creators involved have addressed the backlash further.


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*First Published: Jul 8, 2020, 5:43 pm CDT