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‘My boss and staff gave me the silent treatment for 2 months’: Tech CEO shares tell-tale signs you’re about to be fired

‘I saw my job posted on indeed the week I got fired.’


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If you’re worried about getting laid off, one TikToker shared four signs to look for in your work environment. Her video has climbed to over 200,000 views as of Sunday, which includes tips that higher-ups might be moving you to the exit signs. 

Tech CEO and TikToker Theresa Sue Mubenga (@resasue) pointed out the warning signs in her viral video, where she cites her credentials as nine years in a corporate job and owning a tech company. 

@resasue Here is how to know you are about to be canned… #corporatetiktok #techtok #OverwatchMe #corporatetips ♬ original sound – Theresa Sue

The first sign to look out for is being asked to document every piece of work you’re producing, she says in the clip.

“Hey can you upload what you’re working on or log what you’re working on?” Mubenga suggests that a manager might say. 

The second sign, Mubenga says, is that you’re being left off meetings and emails. It is a tell-tale sign your organization or the team around you is attempting to move responsibility off your plate.

Mubenga says the third sign is being put on a “PIP” – a Performance Improvement Plan – which lays out specific goals an employee will need to meet to keep their job. It’s often pitched as a last-ditch effort to keep the employee. But, some people say it’s just one step closer to firing, and Mubenga agrees. 

Recession fears have lingered in headlines throughout the year, as the stock market is down from its January high. CNN reported that one research firm’s probability model showed a 98% chance a global recession will occur in 2023. This could very well be a driving factor in any potential layoff waves in the near future.

Many users in the comments section agreed with Mubenga’s brutal assessment.

“Correct. I had already started looking a month before I was asked to sign a PiP (I didn’t sign it). I quit the same day,” one user wrote.

“They GAGGED when I survived my PIP,” another user shared.

“They tried to give me a pip but i just put in my two weeks on the spot lmfao,” a third user wrote.

The last sign is much more subtle and relates to the manager’s behavior, Mubenga says. If your manager suddenly gives you the cold shoulder or doesn’t speak with you as much, they might be preparing to fire you.

Mubenga told the Daily Dot that she has gone viral before for discussing the “career topics most people don’t want to talk about.” Her advice for those who fear they might be getting laid off is to get busy applying for a new job.

“Don’t spend too much time in the thought, start taking action to move on quietly,” Mubenga wrote via Instagram direct message. “Update resume, backup personal files, update LinkedIn, and start networking.”

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