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‘And she just parked right next to you’: TikToker says an older woman hit her car, parked—and then went into the mall

‘Clearly she’s done this before.’


Charlotte Colombo


A TikTok showing the aftermath of a hit-and-run, with the alleged perpetrator damaging the user’s car in a mall car park before parking next to her and going shopping, has gone viral.

The first TikTok about the incident, which was posted on April 10, amassed 730,000 views. User @nahtyourbby posted the video, which showed the damage the woman had done to her car before apparently heading to the mall, with an appeal for help, and with the caption reading: “I’m standing by my car making this TikTok, please someone give me advice on what to do.”

In the TikTok, the user explained via on-screen text that the woman had “tried to get away with” hitting her car—claiming that a “kind couple” asked her for her contact details but refused, leading to both of them waiting for the user and leaving them a note to explain what happened to their car.

“She’s in the store right now as we speak,” the couple said.

@nahtyourbby I’m standing by my car making this TT pls someone give me advice on what to do #helpme #hitandrun ♬ original sound – Amjea

“Clearly she’s done this before,” a user commented.

The user then updated people in a second video, explaining that she launched a police report, but she was unable to get any payout from hers or the other driver’s insurance unless the police release the CCTV footage from the car park to her, she can’t make a claim.

“My car insurance premium is now three times what it was, and my car is still drivable. So, oh my God.”

Fortunately, by her third TikTok on the incident, things seemed to be looking up for the user. “That lady took complete liability,” she said. “Her insurance is not paying me out, but they sent our car for a tow to the BMW dealership to get fixed. And this is our rental car until it comes back. A lot of inconvenience, but I hope I don’t have to pay anymore so this is pretty sick. I cannot complain.”

We’ve reached out to @nahtyourbby via email.

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