Florida men rescued a hammerhead shark after fishing gear got stuck in its body

A hammerhead shark that had several fishing hooks and steel fishing line stuck in its body got help from Florida beachgoers who banded together to save its life.

Normally, sharks near a beach might cause a panic, but more recently people have also begun helping sharks that wash up on shore. In this case, two brothers on the beach in Destin, Florida, noticed the injured hammerhead and brought it ashore to try to remove the hooks and fishing line.

Although people were initially worried about the shark being so close to shore, they quickly stepped in to help the brothers, holding the shark down and splashing water on it. Once they removed everything, the only thing left to do was to help it back into the ocean, where it would live to swim—menacingly to some, majestically to others—another day.

Screengrab via 1ArmStarfish/YouTube

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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