young woman looking over a man's shoulder in the gym while he uses his phone with caption 'I swear he been sitting at least ten minutes on the machine, I wanted to help him but I was training a client' and 'Oh nah she said shhh lmfaoooo I'm done! He going'


‘She gathered sooo much ammo’: Viral TikTok shows woman watching her boyfriend text for 10 minutes without him noticing

People wanted to know what was on the phone.


Braden Bjella


Posted on Mar 11, 2022   Updated on Mar 21, 2022, 3:44 pm CDT

TikTokers are captivated by the relationship drama filmed by user @campaignkjg_5. The video, which currently sits at over 10.6 million views, shows a man browsing his phone while a woman—allegedly his girlfriend—stands behind him observing his every move.

“Buddy’s girlfriend pulled up on him in the gym,” the video’s text and voiceover state. “If he was actually exercising, this situation probably could’ve been avoided.”

“She just stood over him as he did whatever on his phone,” the video continues. “Hopefully it wasn’t bad.” 

Later in the TikTok, @campaignkjg_5’s claims this had been going on for “at least ten minutes,” with most of the gym thoroughly engrossed by the end. 

@campaignkjg_5 alleges that, once the woman left, the man in question was told his girlfriend had been watching him for the last fifteen minutes. This caused the man to run out of the gym panicked in search of his girlfriend.

On TikTok, many users seemed to agree that whatever the woman saw on his phone, it probably wasn’t good.

“She gathered sooo much ammo,” one commenter wrote. “He doesn’t even know.”

“Yep, he’s done some mess in the past,” theorized another user. “She’s done… as she should be.”

Others applauded the woman’s poise given what she potentially saw.

“I love how she didn’t made a scene,” noted a TikToker. “She came, saw whatever she needed to see and left.”

“You can tell she’s a good woman… by her calmness, how she handled the situation, and how he ran after her,” added another.

Additionally, some noted TikTokers were focusing too much on the behavior of the woman and not the alleged deeds of the man.

“It’s funny how the comments are saying everything he could do to avoid getting caught but not one man said just be a better person,” one commenter pointed out.

“Yet some of these men will say she’s acting crazy when she shouldn’t have to worry about his clown activities in the first place,” concluded another. “Trust your gut!”

Later in the comments, @campaignkjg_5 says the man in the video had seen it and reached out to him on Instagram. He alleges that they discussed the situation and that he will post an update about it “tomorrow.”

Until then, TikTokers have learned more than a few valuable lessons from this video.

As one user wrote, “If she had to look, she already knew.”

@campaignkjg_5 did not immediately respond to a request for comment via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Mar 11, 2022, 8:27 am CST