A geo-visualization of Reddit


What is the distribution of redditors world-wide? New traffic data released by Reddit shows the best cities and countries from which to launch your secret Reddit army against the remainder of humanity.

It’s unsurprising that new York City, the most populous city in the United States, boasts the most Reddit traffic overall with 9.5M total pageviews in the first months of 2011. Toronto, Ontario narrowly edges out Los Angeles to take second place with 5.4M pageviews over the same period vs the 5.3M views from L.A.

The picture changes dramatically when adjusted for population, as Redditor BigToach points out. His calculations divide the number of pageviews as provided by Reddit, by the population of each metro area, a normalization technique which puts Austin clearly on top. A whopping 2.16 pageviews per man, woman and child along with Reddit’s reputation for attracting tech-focused users reenforces Austin’s prowess as a technology center among the world.

Interestingly, in both Reddit’s raw numbers and BigToach’s adjusted figures, a Canadian city takes the second spot. Vancouver it seems gives the U.S. strong competition in more than just hockey NHL hockey. Boston, which faces Vancouver again tonight in game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, fails to break into the top 10 among Reddit cities.

Grant Robertson

Grant Robertson

Grant Robertson is a software engineer and product manager, but he started his career at the Daily Dot as a senior editor focused on data-driven journalism. He previously served as an editor for Download Squad and AOL's Digital Music Weblog.