Protesters hold placards claiming Rodney Reed's innocence

Rodney Reed is Innocent/Facebook

Kim Kardashian, Rihanna lead cry to #FreeRodneyReed ahead of execution

A petition to free him has more than a million signatures.


Samira Sadeque


In 15 days, Texas is scheduled to execute a Black man who advocates say was wrongfully convicted in a 1996 murder, and celebrities are leading the charge to #FreeRodneyReed.

Rodney Reed, 51, has been serving in jail for more than 20 years for the rape and murder of 19-year-old Stacey Stites in Bastrop, Texas, according to Newsweek.

Reed was sentenced to death for Stites’ murder despite evidence against another suspect, Stites’ fiance Jimmy Fennell, according to Vox. According to his sworn affidavit, fellow gang member Arthur Snow claimed Fennell said he murdered Stites because she was sleeping with a Black man.

Fennell was a police officer who later served 10 years in prison for the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman in his custody. 

In the build-up to Reed’s execution date, social media has exploded with #FreeRodneyReed. Celebrities including Rihanna and T.I. are using the hashtag to call on their fans to show their support and sign a petition calling for the execution of Reed to be halted.

On Tuesday afternoon, the target number of signatures for the petition was expanded to 2 million after it gained more than a million signatures in a day.

Kim Kardashian spoke with Reed last week and said she is “working tirelessly” to get halt his execution, TMZ reported on Monday.

On Friday, the European Union shared a statement condemning the upcoming execution and called on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to halt it.

“Evidence of Mr. Reed’s case casts substantial doubt as to his culpability,” the statement said. “Mr. Reed is seeking DNA testing of evidence that has not been previously tested. Under these circumstances, we believe the state should not proceed with the execution without allowing for those tests.”

One of the numerous events scheduled to raise awareness about the issue and show Rodney the public’s support is “Call Rodney & Say ‘Hello,”” which allows callers to leave a message for Rodney with Houston radio station KKHT.

A Facebook page called “Rodney Reed Is Innocent” announced on Tuesday morning that a bipartisan group of 26 lawmakers has also asked Abbott to stop the execution.[0]=68.ARDb-OOdpddg8U4HcTQOHoAKUjhlCinRc0TTOSRAgZQnQIGcDmuYtxFfzYQ7lq3GPrHqmenGr4AAg0hvuSmnfmrcScIyOZqNmxrzMv1XZybyktemLzwzGgErP4h46bDv5lxn3gO9VTlEeUM7iLrE6Wglxv8AZL63v8cInNZ9S9kCabknptetZy0YXcMPnJ_lIbrVHOdfNCufL5aMgijEg5PYsKoi0Zkg8tvW_I-DcVQnplzhtBnm-yiJqkmyw4uJO2nuM55hM2J8YO6LISe2AtBl8tdRtF0i99tgmSO0lmJaMVdmr9GZFLmZh5Y1m5mi_V7sREUrftGe94HGIvkymv8&__tn__=-R

“We’re grateful for the increased interest in Rodney’s case, and we hope Governor Abbott will respond favorably to the letter he received today from 26 bipartisan Texas lawmakers urging him to stop the execution,” Tiffany McMillan, who started the page, told the Daily Dot.

The page was started in 2018 to gather information about Reed’s murder and to share more information about his case with the public.  

“Our goal everyday is to educate others so they feel empowered and inspired to act in a meaningful way for Rodney,” McMillan added. 

Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro also called on Abbott to put a stay on the execution.

On social media, countless others posted throughout the week with the hashtag #FreeRodneyReed.

Abbott’s social media accounts have been flooded with comments from protesters. The Daily Dot was unable to reach his office on Tuesday afternoon.


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