former United Airlines gate agent speaking with caption 'and I once had a 3 hour mechanical delay because the' (l) United Airlines plane in runway (c) former United Airlines gate agent speaking with caption 'the latch of the trash can in the flight attendant like space was broken' (r)

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‘We had to wait for a part to come from another airport’: United gate agent says airplane was delayed for ‘mechanical issues’ after trash can broke

‘Pilots will simply ~decide~ the plane doesnt have the right vibe.’


Kristine Villarroel


The technical difficulties delaying your flights might not be as critical as you might think. 

In a video shared on TikTok, user @mrsemmaroses shares that one time, she saw a flight delayed for three hours over a “mechanical delay” that turned out to be a broken trash can in the flight attendant space of the aircraft. 

@mrsemmaroses #stitch with @Lauren the Mortician ✨#formergateagent #airlinetiktok ♬ original sound – Emma Swan

The creator says she was a gate agent for United Airlines 10 years ago working at the Denver International Airport when the latch on one of the plane’s trash cans broke. 

“We had to wait for a part to come from another airport,” she said in the video. “Not all mechanical delays are created equal.”

The Daily Dot reached out to United Airlines. 

In the original video, TikTok user Lauren Eliza (@lovee.miss.lauren) said her flight had been delayed because of “mechanical difficulties” for four hours. The Daily Dot reached out to the creator.

@lovee.miss.lauren If this plane crashes imma be PISSED. @JetBlue #anxiety #rip ♬ оригинальный звук – RMS Titanic

“They just expect you to get on it and pray,” she wrote in the video.

The creator used an instrumental version of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic soundtrack to go with her video. 

“If this plane crashes imma be PISSED,” she wrote in the caption, in which she also tagged JetBlue and added #anxiety #rip. 

“Just remember, planes are statistically the safest mode of transportation! safe travels!” a commenter wrote. 

“May the odds be ever in my favor,” the creator replied. 

In her stitch, Emma hopes to help the creator’s anxiety by sharing how small these technical difficulties can be—like the broken trash can latch. 

Some commenters shared their own experiences with excessive delays when flying, many detailing coffeemaker malfunctions or airplane furniture imperfections.

“We had to get on a whole new plane because one of the magazine pockets on the back of a seat couldn’t be repaired. A corner had detached,” a commenter wrote. 

“I used to audit maintenance paper work for planes and had to file an entire discrepancy that turned out to be a rubber duck stuck in part of a seat,” another also commented. 

“So many questions,” the stitch creator replied. 

“My dads a mechanic and he goes on and on about how pilots will simply ~decide~ the plane doesnt have the right vibe so therefore they dont wanna fly,” another commenter wrote. 

Some other users expressed their appreciation of airline workers in resolving these issues, no matter how minute. 

“Unpopular opinion here… please take all the time you need for mechanical maintenance. For any reason. I’ll sit there 10 hours if I have to,” one wrote. 

“You know what. I’m okay with aviation being this thorough,” another also commented. 

Some said that hearing these anecdotes of small difficulties helped with their flight anxiety. 

“That is actually quite helpful. As a nervous flier, I thank you for this,” a commenter wrote. 

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