office meeting with people seated at large table caption 'after what was wrong with them because she's my girlfriend' (l) office meeting with people seated at large table caption 'this guy's over here talking about his blank and stuff' (c) office meeting with people seated at large table caption 'well I prefer we don't do that me too' (r)


‘I’m not applying through Indeed anymore folks’: Man films inappropriate conversation co-workers have on first day of work

‘What kind of job is this.’


Jack Alban


An out-of-context conversation between co-workers has gone viral on TikTok due to the bizarre nature of the exchanges that took place during work orientation.

TikToker @dayonanddanightoffs recorded the questionable discussions between new co-workers of theirs on their first day of work. The real-life dialogue captured in the TikTok seems like something that would be written in a scene straight out of an irreverent comedy series.

He wrote in the caption for the video, “I’m not applying through Indeed anymore folks they got me in the middle of Zombie town.”

@dayonanddanightoffs I’m not applying through Indeed anymore folks 😒😂 they got me in the middle of Zombie town. 😳 #foryou #dayonandthenightoffs #uncletweez #fyp #fypシ #foryourpage #factorywork #dontdodrugs #junkie #MadeWithKeurigContest ♬ original sound – Dayonandthenightoffs

The video shows a number of folks sitting around a large table in a circle. The clip then quickly cuts to the TikToker recording a man in a black hoodie saying, “after what was wrong with them because she’s my girlfriend like oh she stole her for attention, see what I’m saying…what the hell are you doing in the middle?”

Then, another woman sitting at the table begins to speak to someone else in the room, presumably a manager. “Sir, this guy’s over here talking about his dick and stuff,” she says.

The man she is addressing responds, “Well, I prefer we don’t do that.”

“Me too,” another voice chimes in.

“I would like to get a start, not get out of here now,” another man says, before the camera cuts. The TikToker then flips his phone around to show his face, which appears to be shocked and incredulous as to what he just witnessed.

Viewers who saw the clip had tons of questions, namely what the nature of the conversation was that the first clip had only caught the tail end of. Thankfully, OP addressed exactly what happened in two additional follow-up videos.

@dayonanddanightoffs Replying to @beauty_b_royal part 1.. Tiktok I’m 33 let me live please. 😒😂 #dayonandthenightoffs #uncletweez #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – Dayonandthenightoffs

He explains that the meeting was an orientation for new hires on their first day on the job. The TikToker claims the man in the hoodie was sleeping for the first two hours he was there, and the man’s girlfriend was sitting next to him.

“He made his girl put a jacket on and a hat ’cause he thought the white dude by the door kept looking at her,” the creator alleges. “We get past lunch, and now he keeps feeling like dude is staring at him.”

However, this led the man to say something “dumb” to the other man, the TikToker says.

“So the old lady right next to him was like, ‘ah you just one big attention seeker ain’t you,’” he recalls. The man in the hoodie allegedly responded, “I don’t gotta be an attention-seeker because my girl see my dick every day.”

The creator says this led the older woman to call him out to HR for his comments.

Several viewers echoed the TikToker’s sentiments regarding, stating that they too felt like the job search site would often send them “shady” potential positions.

“Indeed need to start screening employers because I’m sick of it,” one user wrote.

“Indeed never tells you that’s it’s a group interview,” another said.

Of course, other comments made remarks about the man wearing the hoodie who has a “toxic” relationship with his girlfriend.

“Number one he got a job with his girlfriend to watch her like he do 24/7,” one viewer commented.

“the onboarding be the most entertaining process because of the people who won’t last 30days,” a second added.

“Don’t quit. please wear a helmet cam from now on,” a third pleaded.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @dayonanddanightoffs via TikTok comment for more information.

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