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10 Elf on the Shelf essentials to keep naughty kids on their toes

Big Santa is watching you.

Nov 9, 2017, 1:26 pm



Jaime Carrillo

Keeping naughties off the nice list is tough work. In the age of mass surveillance, Santa employs countless spies known to civilians as Elf on the Shelf. These incredibly off-putting (yet, oddly adorable) intelligence gatherers sit on high shelves all December long to capture any transgressions your little one might make. They report these secret sins to the North Pole just in time for Christmas, getting them on the much-feared naughty list. But rest easy: sometimes just their presence is enough to keep your naughty one nice all month long. Below is a list of the Elf on the Shelf essentials to not only get your kid in the holiday mood, but make them justifiably fearful of the dreaded Naughty List.

1) Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition

elf on the shelf This kit has everything you need to get you started. A precious elf for hide-and-seek and a companion picture book that explains the spy program. Santa's army is diverse, with female and brown-eyed elves also available. Price on Amazon: $29 Buy it here

2) Scout Elf Super Hero Costume

elf on the shelf Some spies are super spies. The cape is mostly ornamental, because elves cannot fly. Only reindeer can fly. Price on Amazon: $10 Buy it here

3) An Elf's Story DVD

elf on a shelf For cranky kids who won't sit still for a story, there's a film version of the spy program origin story. Price on Amazon: $10 Buy it here

4) Graphic Christmas Tees, 3-pack

elf on a shelf Because even elves like to keep it casual every once in a while. Comes with three totally gnarly graphic tees. Price on Amazon: $15 Buy it here

5) Elf on Shelf Pets, Reindeer

elf on a shelf James Bond has Aston Martins. Elf on the Shelf has reindeer. This set comes with a companion picture book just like Elf on the Shelf. And because it can get quite nippy, there's even a warm winter outfit for the reindeer to stay toasty warm. Price on Amazon: $29 Buy it here

6) HaHa Holiday Costumes, 2-pack

elf on the shelf For incredibly clandestine missions, it's imperative that the elf blend in with their surroundings. Dressing as candy canes or Christmas trees just turned their spy game up to 11. Price on Amazon: $15 Buy it here

7) Elf on the Shelf Christmas Activity Set

elf on a shelf The perfect holiday distraction for kids of all ages. Comes with 750 stickers and two play packs to color in. Price on Amazon: $10 Buy it here

8) Scout Elf Express Letters to Santa

elf on the shelf This kit is essential for last minute appeals. Let your little one write a letter to the big guy, and shrink it down magically in the oven. The Elf on the Shelf can now place the tiny letter on the tree for Santa to secretly pluck in the night. All that's left to do is wait and pray that Santa doesn't render too harsh a judgement. Price on Amazon: $31 Buy it here

9) Elf on a Shelf Elves at Play Kit

elf on a shelf Even magical super spies get board. Keep them motivated with this kit, which offers more than 60 fun ideas that will spur some serious holiday fun. Price on Amazon: $24 Buy it here

10) Elf on a Shelf Papercrafts

elf on a shelf Every good spy knows how to accessorize. Make sleighs, boxes of presents, trees, toys and other great Christmasy stuff with just folding paper and a little tenacity. Price on Amazon: $17.99 Buy it here MORE BAZAAR DEALS:

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*First Published: Nov 9, 2017, 1:26 pm