young woman reversing car through drive thru with caption 'karen not liking me going reverse in drive thru' and 'me thinking how is it dangerous'


Worker reprimands customer for going through drive-thru in reverse, sparking debate

‘Me personally I wouldn’t let her tell me how to drive my car that’s just me.’


Linda Hamilton


A right-hand drive vehicle owner filmed herself going through a drive-thru in reverse and getting reprimanded by the worker at the window.

TikToker Shelby Lee @shelbylee25’s video received over 1 million views.

@shelbylee25 #reversechallenge #skyliner32 i dont thunk karen liked my car😢 #turbo #ladydriver #fyp #righthanddriveclub ♬ original sound – Shelby Lee

In the video, Lee drives in reverse since her steering wheel is on the right-side of her car.

“Is there a reason you came this way?” the worker questions Lee, who responds by telling her: “My steering wheel is on this side.”

“That’s dangerous for other cars,” the worker responds before telling her “I’ll give it to you now” this time. (Lee questioned how it is dangerous in the text overlay of the video.) Lee notes there was no one at the previous window to assist with her order, so she had to reverse all the way to the furthest one. 

She then hands Lee her receipt and food.

Lee says “Karens” while exiting the drive-thru. Lee also referred to the worker as a Karen in the text overlay at the start of the clip.

Lee clarified in the comments section that the car was imported from Japan, which is why her wheel was on the right side, not left. Some viewers criticized Lee for dubbing the worker a Karen, arguing that she “was being very polite” and urging Lee to “just go inside.” 

Others argued the maneuver is only dangerous for drivers who can’t reverse properly and agreed with Lee’s conclusion the worker is a “Karen.”

Lee later revealed in a comment whether or not this experience deterred her from going through a drive-thru in reverse in the future.

“So antisocial she’d rather go through the drive through in reverse than go inside. I feel you girl lol,” one speculated.

“I’ll do it again too,” she said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lee via TikTok comment. 

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