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5 must-have kitchen tools for clueless college kids

Fix fancy meals without annoying the RA.


Jaime Carrillo


Posted on Aug 17, 2017   Updated on Sep 27, 2021, 11:45 pm CDT

Feeding yourself in college can be a grizzly, expensive affair. These dorm room cooking tools are perfect for all of you who are new to cooking anything other than ramen for dinner.

1) No knife? No problem!

Don’t fuss around with a cutting board and knife. The Zyliss easy pull food chopper pulverizes up to three cups of whatever you put in it. Chop veggies for salsa, make a quick pesto or even a quick sorbet. You don’t even need to plug it in: it operates just like starting a lawnmower. Just pull and watch it pulverize.

Price on Amazon: $28.88

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2) More than just a panini maker

This panini press is Amazon’s best selling sandwich machine. The non-stick grids heat up fast and stay hot, grilling whatever you put between them. Sure, paninis and garlic bread are minutes away. But this baby can also grill chicken cutlets, bacon and even pancakes (so long as you don’t mind some griddle marks). With a little imagination, you can grill anything in your dorm room.

Price on Amazon: $34.99

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3) Cook rice, cook everything

Even your favorite takeout place knows it: the secret to perfect rice is a rice cooker. Luckily for you, this cooker makes more than just a bowl of fluffy white grains. Chili, soup and even cake can be fashioned in one pretty easily. And with a removable bowl, any small mess you make cleans with a simple soak.

Price on Amazon: $29.92

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4) The essential ramen maker

Don’t fuss around with clumsy pots like a doofus in an infomercial. This bowl is made for perfect noodles, whether you’re making buttered garlic penne or spicy ramen in your dorm room microwave. An easy grip handle ensures you won’t burn yourself. And unlike conventional bowls, the easy vent lid won’t leave your microwave messy.

Price on Amazon: $8.85

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5) Let them bake cake

Quit staring through the oven door for half an hour. This miracle tool takes your favorite box of cake mix and cooks it to perfection without the use of a clumsy oven. Microwave your cake using this baby and dessert will be ready in less than six minutes. It comes with an ingredient fill box so you don’t have to futz with any measuring cups, either.

Price on Amazon: $7.97

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*First Published: Aug 17, 2017, 8:59 am CDT