Woman(l), Five star notebook(c), Kid with backpack(r)

‘That’s literally half my tank’: Back-to-school shopper shocked at cost of Five Star notebook

‘That is insane.’

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Woman talking(l+r), Target logo(c)

‘As a teacher, I don’t want it’: Kindergarten teacher urges parents to avoid buying this Target pencil case. It backfires

‘I’ll buy the whole class one then lol.’

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TikTok videos show classrooms full of unmasked students

‘Back to school’ hits different during the pandemic.

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Trump calls for schools to reopen—but Barron won’t be attending in-person classes

For months, the president has advocated for reopening the country despite the climbing numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths.

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Chilling ad by Sandy Hook Promise features kids using school supplies during a shooting

‘Survive the school year with these must-have back to school essentials.’

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college tech essentials

10 back-to-school tech essentials to make college easier

Make undergrad life as painless as possible.

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how to pack for school

How to pack for school like a grade-A pro

Think smart, act smart, pack smart.

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back to college

13 college essentials you can’t steal from mom anymore

Looks like it’s time to buy your own /:

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How to make the most of your dorm space without blowing your budget

We all have our signature style … and apparently a lot of stuff.

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Bulletproof backpacks for back to school shopping.

Back-to-school shopping gets a hell of a lot more somber with kids needing bulletproof supplies

Is there no chance of coming back from bulletproof school supplies?

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anime backpacks

Senpai may actually notice you thanks to these awesome anime backpacks


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back to school

8 back to school supplies that are too weird to lose

Now you’ll know when someone is using your stuff.

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dorm room food

5 must-have kitchen tools for clueless college kids

Fix fancy meals without annoying the RA.

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If you’re sick of the internet, this father-son walk to school will make you believe in good things again

So. Dang. Sweet.

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Walmart back to school guns display

Walmart apologizes for ‘truly horrible’ back-to-school gun display

Was this real, or was somebody trolling?

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