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‘I want you to look me in my eyes while you try to half scoop all my ingredients’: TikToker accuses Chipotle of shorting customers who order online

‘I don’t be ordering my chipotle online anymore.’


Grace Stanley


Chipotle is under fire after a TikToker accused the restaurant of serving smaller portions on online orders. 

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The TikTok posted by Jessey St. Jean (@unclejessey) earlier in the week has over 2.4 million views. The video shows St. Jean, who has over 41,000 followers on TikTok, at a Chipotle watching while an employee makes his bowl. 

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“I dont be ordering my chipotle online anymore,” St. Jean captioned the video, “I want you to look me in my eyes while you try to half scoop all my ingredients.” 

Chipotle Mexican Grill, a fast-casual chain restaurant with over 2,966 stores nationwide, features in-person assembly lines where customers can request ingredients and watch their tacos, burritos, and bowls being made. 

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However, nearly half of Chipotle’s orders are reportedly currently taken online. This week, Chipotle announced that in 2021 digital sales grew 3.8% and accounted for 41.6% of all sales, according to its website. 

St. Jean’s TikTok sparked controversy about who is to blame for small portions. Many users in the comments section echoed St. Jean’s opinion. 

“Something bout bein in person makes me think they won’t have the audacity,” one user said. 

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“Chipotle empolyees dgaf about online orders, they be so mean to them,” another commented. 

“Mannnn im SAYIN. They be disrespectful on the online orders,” a third complained.

“Chipotle workers real quiet in here, yall give portions like the ingredients come out of your check,” a fourth said. 

Other viewers said they are current or former employees and blamed management.

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“I don’t even work there no more but when i did corporate were so strict ab portions it was insane,” one person commented. 

“I used to work at chipotle and we had strict portion sizes, managers would yell at us,” a second user replied. 

“Customers love to complain to employees, but it’s really corporate’s fault,” a third commented. 

“I’m not getting yelled at so you can have half our pan of food,” a fourth said. 

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This is not the first time Chipotle has faced criticism over its portion sizes. Back in 2019, a Reddit thread with over 40 comments featured the same allegation that people were getting less food when they ordered online rather than in person. 

“Almost like you have to look them in the eye so they don’t wimp out on the scoops,” one Reddit user said. 

“There is definitely a difference when you order online,” another replied. 

In June 2021, Insider also reported customers complaining about receiving small burritos on social media. The customers posted pictures on Twitter with dollar bills, rulers, and beer cans for size references.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Chipotle via email and Jessey St. Jean via Instagram direct message for comment.

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