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Popular NSFW game Corruption of Champions 2 is heading to Steam

The series is as critically acclaimed as it is controversial.


Ana Valens


Posted on Aug 13, 2020

In a surprising twist for Steam, the sequel to one of the most popular indie adult games on Patreon is headed to Valve’s digital gaming platform. Corruption of Champions 2 was approved for Steam in late July and is set for release on Friday.

Savin, the lead developer behind Corruption of Champions 2, announced the game met Steam’s approval on July 21. The adult adventure is “completely unchanged” for Steam, according to Savin’s blog post, although Valve requested the developer add a bit more clothing to the promotional artwork for the demonic antagonist Kasyrra.

“I know Steam’s been allowing lewd games for a while now but whew boy I’m still in a bit of shock that we’re here now,” Savin wrote in the post.

Corruption of Champions 2 is a text-based, erotic role-playing game where players create their own character and “contend with an invasion of perverse demons into your home realm.” Pick your gender, species, physical build, and go exploring. More often than not, this involves kinky sex and transformation fetishism (emphasis on “corruption” in Corruption of Champions). You can play the game seriously as a role-playing adventure with adult elements—or you can just randomly stop and masturbate in the middle of your dungeon exploration.

The first Corruption of Champions was created by Fenoxo Fenfen, an adult games developer with one of the highest earning adult Patreon accounts on the entire platform. Today, Fenoxo leads Corruption of Champions’ sister sci-fi 18+ game Trials in Tainted Space (or TiTS for short). Savin serves as lead writer on TiTS and head developer on Corruption of Champions 2. All three games rely on community contributions and guidance for their adult scenes.

Corruption of Champions and TiTS are immensely popular with a wide group of players across genders and sexualities, particularly queer cis and trans women. This is partly thanks to both series’ emphasis on monster girls, transformation fetishism, kinky sex scenes, and well-written erotica. Given their gender transformation aspects, both games are well-known for awakening new sexual fetishes in players and speaking to repressed feelings of gender dysphoria, according to fans that spoke with the Daily Dot.

Despite its huge queer fanbase, Corruption of Champions 2 may prove divisive among trans players. The game’s Steam storefront uses the word “trap” in its description, a term largely considered a slur against trans women. While Corruption of Champions 2 seems to use this phrase in relation to feminine, boyish elves, its appearance alone is controversial. When one Steam user asked Savin to edit out the phrase, some Corruption of Champions 2 fans mocked the request and called the poster “easily offended.”

This isn’t the first time Corruption of Champions and TiTS have weathered controversy over its trans-coded characters. TiTS and Corruption of Champions 2 faced backlash over their use of the word “shemale” in-game. (TiTS infamously added, then renamed, a cheat titled “sjw” that converted all uses of the phrase “shemale” to “dickgirl.”) When fans criticized Savin’s decision to use the word “shemale” in Corruption of Champions 2, citing its offensiveness to trans women, Savin refused to pull its usage. He later defended the term’s inclusion, claiming Corruption of Champions 2 does not use “shemale” as a slur toward trans women but, citing its popularity in porn, as a categorical description of monster girl characters who have dicks.

But Fenoxo himself has taken strides in support of trans players: His site’s Discord server bans transphobia, he’s spoken on behalf of trans rights online, and he’s worked to help raise funds for a trans community member’s medical transitioning. Savin has also stood up against transphobia within the gaming community and acknowledged that “shemale” is transphobic when directly referencing trans women. Savin and Fenoxo’s approach to these issues seems tone-deaf, not bigoted. But given the adult games world’s history of exclusionary politics, there’s an argument to be made that cis creators using terms like “shemale” and “trap” in porn enable bigotry within adult communities.

The Daily Dot reached out to Savin and Fenoxo for comment.

Corruption of Champions 2 is available to play for free online. Steam players can purchase the game for $10 in exchange for cloud saves, auto-updates, and Steam achievements in the near future.

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*First Published: Aug 13, 2020, 10:49 am CDT