tiktok Chick-fil-A Mozzarella sticks

@nickcamacho123/TikTok Cecilia Lenzen

Viral TikTok video reveals secret Chick-fil-A mozzarella sticks

The video is also leaving some viewers concerned about Chick-fil-A’s frying oil.


Cecilia Lenzen


Update 8:51am CT: After publication, @nickcamacho123’s TikTok videos were set to private.

The original post appears below.

A Chick-fil-A worker revealed in a viral TikTok video one of the joint’s alleged secret menu items: mozzarella sticks.

The original video, which was posted by user @nickcamacho123, shows one worker folding up a slice of mozzarella, breading it, and then deep-frying it. He then enjoys the crunchy stick of gooey cheese. 


Since being posted on Tuesday, the video has garnered over 250,000 likes.

Instead of being taken by the reveal of yet another one of Chick-fil-A’s alleged “secret menu items,” some viewers are expressing concern about the oil used to fry the mozzarella stick. “That oil looks like it belongs in a car engine,” one user commented, with another urging the workers to “change the oil.” 

Another user who seemingly worked in the fast-food industry alleged that the state of the oil is business as usual. “Everyone who says the oil is bad has never worked in fast food before LOL,” they wrote.  

In response to the comments, @nickcamacho123 posted another video of the oil—unheated—looking light and fresh. “What are you talking about,” he captioned the video.

The mozzarella stick video was the worker’s second video revealing alleged secret menu items. In the worker’s first video, he makes fried cherries.

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