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‘That would’ve been the day I lost my job’: TikToker keeps demanding things in Chick-fil-A drive-thru, sparking debate

'I would kindly cuss you out. This just made me mad.'


Nahila Bonfiglio


Posted on Nov 5, 2021   Updated on Nov 5, 2021, 10:20 am CDT

The etiquette behind fast-food drive-thru lines is well-established at this point. After waiting patiently in line, customers should quickly decide on what they’d like to eat, make their orders concise and clear, and treat employees politely throughout the process.

Numerous TikTokers have painted a target on the backs of fast-food employees with prank videos, viral confrontations, and rude behavior, however. And one TikToker, in particular, has made a habit of centering his content on fast-food employees, and viewers are seemingly getting tired of his antics.

User @damondarlingtv has numerous fast-food videos uploaded to his page. One particular video is stirring up debate. The video, which was posted 4 days ago, has since earned more than 313,000 views and upwards of 1,500 comments from viewers.

The video is shot from the passenger’s side of Damon’s car as he pulls up to a Chick-fil-A drive thru. Several employees are outside the window, functioning on the street, which—as is explained later in the video—is due to the interior of the restaurant being closed.

As the 3-minute video begins, Damon is requesting a few sides of barbecue sauce to accompany his already delivered meal. Employees cheerily provide him with a stack of sauces, only to have Damon chime in with “one more thing.” The second item he requests is an extra stack of napkins. Again, the clearly busy employees immediately comply with his request, handing over a tidy handful of napkins. But he doesn’t stop at “one more thing.” In fact, there are about 10 additional “one more things” in the video.

Even after receiving an extra straw, an empty bag, a drink holder, and some extra ketchup, Damon’s requests keep coming. Every time, he prefaces the request with an increasingly infuriating “one more thing,” which employees take in utterly graceful stride. By the end of the video he has requested and received all of the above, along with an extra cup and lid, honey mustard, gloves “so I can eat my fries,” and a completely unnecessary additional lid. All the while, bags are stacking up in the drive-thru window.

The only of Damon’s orders that isn’t immediately filled by employees is his request for a mask, which employees explain they don’t have available to pass out. Thankfully, he takes this in stride.

The majority of viewers were completely unamused by Damon’s antics and let him know in the comment section. Numerous people informed the “comedic” TikToker that he “did too much,” with some noting that they “would’ve gotten irritated fast” in the employees’ shoes. The text overlay on the video, which reads “aren’t they supposed to say my pleasure,” was particularly annoying to some viewers, who pointed out that a “my pleasure” is typically prefaced by a “thank you.”

As some viewers noted that “this was hard to watch,” others tried to get through to Damon, informing him that “its people like you that make our lives harder than they actually have to be” before imploring him to “do better.”

Other viewers noted that the actions Damon displayed in the video “should be illegal.”

“I would kindly cuss you out,” one viewer wrote. “This just made me mad.”

A few people did find the video humorous, noting that Damon was “about to clear them out of INVENTORY” with his numerous demands.

The most popular recent video on his page, which has earned more than 1 million views, sees Damon pulling a similar stunt outside a Dairy Queen drive-thru window. Instead of asking for an endless list of additions, however, Damon is seen ordering and receiving a small Blizzard. When the worker attempts to hand it over, however, Damon grabs the top chunk of ice cream in his bare hand, leaving the cup with the employee, and attempts to eat the ice cream—spoon and all—out of his hand. The employee in this video is visibly annoyed and asks Damon if he even wants the remainder of the cup.

Despite the consistently negative responses videos like this get, Damon has continued to pump out fast-food content.

The Daily Dot reached out to Damon via Instagram.

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*First Published: Nov 5, 2021, 9:13 am CDT