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Caroline Calloway accused of anti-Semitism for Anne Frank-OnlyFans post

She shared a post suggesting she should dress up as Anne Frank on OnlyFans. This is her second time being accused of anti-Semitism this week.


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Caroline Calloway is being accused of anti-Semitism for the second time in the same week.

The influencer made a post on Instagram telling her followers to subscribe to her OnlyFans account and suggest which literary hero she should dress up as next. One follower commented, “Anne Frank,” and she liked the comment. She later posted a screenshot of her post featuring that comment to her Instagram Story.

User @squirrel_shark brought attention to the post on Twitter, writing, “Caroline Calloway continues to be anti-Semitic. She just liked and shared a post saying that she should dress up as Anne Frank on OnlyFans.” The user included screenshots of Calloway’s since-deleted Instagram Story.

And that wasn’t the only person to call Calloway out for the post.

While Calloway has yet to address the Frank controversy, she did address a previous anti-Semitic accusation.

Calloway also recently posted what appears to be an anti-Jewish caricature, featuring a person surrounded by money bags, being carried by two people.

“#ThingsRichPeopleBuy Natalie’s Talent,” she wrote, alluding to her former friend Natalie Beach, who penned an essay published in the Cut about their friendship.

After receiving backlash, Calloway addressed the post on Tuesday. It’s unclear when she first posted the image.

“My privilege kept me from seeing the anti-Semetic undertones in this cartoon and I take full responsibility for that. I’m always learning and unlearning,” she tweeted. “but I really fucked up when I reposted this just because of a turquoise background. I sincerely apologize if I caused you harm.”

One of her followers quickly shot back, tweeting, “You don’t apologise ‘if’ you apologise ‘because’ or it’s not an apology.” Calloway then ‘fixed’ the tweet by tweeting, “*I apologize because I caused you harm.”

She then reiterated her apology in a second post.

“Just to be clear: That image was an offensive, abhorrent thing for me to have shared and I really fucked up because of my own blindspots around my own privilege. That’s fully on me and I unconditionally apologize from the bottom of my heart,” she wrote.


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