black man rants about 'white lives matter' on crowded restaurant sidewalk


Black YouTuber screams ‘white lives matter’ at outdoor diners

‘What, white lives don’t matter, brother?’


Kahron Spearman


A viral Reddit video shows a belligerent self-identifying Black man at a California shopping center, yelling “white lives matter” to anyone who will listen.

At the start of the video, a YouTuber being called a real-to-life “Clayton Bigsby” yells at a woman of Asian descent. She flips him off, to which he replies, “white lives matter, bitch!” which appalls or humors every patron in the immediate vicinity. On his YouTube, he self-identities as a “Black conservative.” 

He also gets unusually specific during his racist tirade. He traverses down a busy Burlingame, California, shopping district: “Anyone that supports segregated safe spaces in our colleges is an un-American, bigoted, racist piece of trash.”

The unidentified mouth-breathing man, who runs a YouTube channel called “Savage Audits,” uploaded a full 12-minute video this weekend.

In his unnecessary caping for white people, he accosts a Black man seated outside: “What, white lives don’t matter, brother?”

Later he repeats his screed about safe spaces with an addendum that if said spaces exclude white people, then the act of creating the safe spaces is fundamentally racist. And, of course, “fuck all libtards.”

He approaches a bewildered kid with his dog, saying, “white lives matter, young man. Don’t forget it. Don’t let anyone put shame or guilt in you; you did nothing wrong. 

“Slavery ended over a 150 years ago,” he continues as if that constitutes eons in American history. 

Without any sense of irony or context, he tells an agreeing woman, who is nodding right into the camera, that “Europeans ended slavery in the West and America” and to “be happy to be white.”

As he turns the corner on to Park Road, past an Apple store, he nonsensically makes mention of a non-white, English football-hating Turkish football hooligan nicknamed “Rambo,” who became famous for breaking into Istanbul’s famed Ali Sami Yen Stadium with a rival Fenerbahçe flag and a kebab knife.

It’s not until the middle of the video (7:50) that his appearance is made more evident and he’s revealed as a light-skinned Black man. Then, some offending young men try to approach the man: “Some Chinese motherfucker thinks he wants to run up,” he says in response.

“I got a mob of motherfuckers on skateboards trying to run up. Damn right I’m gonna arm myself. The first motherfucker that steps up is not going to live to see tomorrow.”

When someone points out his apparent Blackness, he replies that “we got people telling us there’s something wrong with being white, and I know that’s wrong as a Black man.”

There are a surprising number of non-white people in white supremacist groups like Proud Boys, whose members in Oregon recently assaulted a Black Lives Matters advocate.

However, the man behind “Savage Audits” is another in a line of confrontational “First Amendment Auditors,” who often attempt to intimidate with verbal abuse and wild accusations, but rarely self-identify or rationalize their actions outside of political spectrums.

Inferring from his videos, he appears to be pursuing confrontations, continually testing free speech ideas, while treading in a base conspiracy concerning COVID, anti-Hispanic Pancho Villa slander, and anti-liberal 1984-related material. 

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