Here’s proof Apple could have used Microsoft Word to design iOS 7

9512411118_3151e36360_o.jpg (1009×665)

The Microsoft Word tutorial every Apple designer needs to see.

What took designer Jony Ive and a team of Apple employees a year to make using cutting edge software has been recreated in less than 10 minutes with Microsoft Word.

The product is Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 7 and the Microsoft Word master is designer Václav Krejčí.

In a nearly 10-minute long YouTube video, Krejčí demonstrates how “easy” it is to recreate the buttons, color schemes, and graphics from iOS 7 using Microsoft Word.

“[I want to] explain graphic design to everyday users using software they are already familiar with,” says Krejčí, who sounds like a mix of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ivan Drago.

Photo by falkomd/Flickr

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