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‘Amazon is a different breed’: Amazon operations manager says night shift workers are a ‘whole different animal’

‘Night shifters are different species.’


Jack Alban


TikTok user Angie (@angiebaby019) posted a now viral-TikTok where she called night shift workers “a whole different animal” and proceeded to tell a story about a particular employee.

Much has been written about the psychological effects working night shifts can have on people. In an FHE Health article, the author wrote that “Night shift workers can develop depression” and the nature of their schedules “may negatively affect their relationships, family, and other aspects of their life that can cause chronic stress, which, in turn, can eventually lead to depression or other mood disorders.”

However, depending on who you ask, this isn’t really a chicken or the egg scenario. There might be some people who argue that the very nature of night shift work attracts a particular type of personality. Others maintain that a variety of different folks work the night shift, and opting to clock in during these hours doesn’t really determine the type of person an employee is.

Angie’s TikTok seems to suggest that there is certainly a difference in the folks who work at night.


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“So, I’m a night shift manager and when I say the people I manage are a whole different animal,” she starts in the clip. “One of my associates comes to talk to me yesterday and first, he’s telling me how he was in jail for a little bit. So naturally I’m like, why were you in jail?”

Angie continues that the man answered he was caught while he was on a “killing spree,” but then clarified he was only joking.

“Then he’s like, ‘nah I’m just kidding, just kidding. It was just assault,’” Angie says the worker allegedly replied. “Just assault? Just a little assault, and he was locked up for seven years.”

The TikToker says her subordinate, which she guessed to be about 40 years old, began asking inappropriate questions, like whether she was “into black guys” and what was the “oldest guy she would date.”

Viewers who commented on Angie’s TikTok had a variety of different opinions on the matter. Some agreed that this comes with the territory when you work the night shift.

“I’ve worked overnights at a couple of places….Overnight workers are a different breed,” one user shared.

“We had a new guy, who on his first day, asked a female co worker if she ‘ever been with a Mexican,’” another wrote.

And then there were those who noticed she was wearing an Amazon vest and said that it has more to do with working at Amazon and less to do with the hours in the day that folks are working.

“I’m a vendor for Amazon. They’re a different breed,” a user said.

“The Amazon vest gives me ptsd,” another viewer shared.

“Don’t listen to these people commenting negatively. They don’t understand how much we go through as Amazon managers,” a user offered.

Some folks seemed to take issue with Angie not being appreciative of the fact that the employee expressed romantic interest in her.

“I never understood why it was unprofessional to peek Interest I’m a co worker. You spend damn near everyday together,” one user wrote. “Something is bound to spark.”

To which the TikToker replied: “It’s like don’t shit where u eat… also given that I’m this guys superior at work it’s like idk basic respect??? And he is also twice my age so.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Angie via TikTok comment and Amazon via email for further information.

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