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Alex Jones protests outside the White House by shouting the name of his website

He was protesting social media and tech companies.


Andrew Wyrich


InfoWars founder Alex Jones protested against social media and technology companies on Tuesday outside of the White House.

The protest—which included Jones at times walking around repeatedly shouting “InfoWars dot com”–happened around the same time that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey met with President Donald Trump.

In part of his protest, Jones also referenced tech companies trying to “censor” certain voices, a similar sentiment to what the president tweeted about earlier this week.

During other portions of his protest, Jones walked outside of the White House continuously chanting the name of his website. The InfoWars founder was banned by numerous social media sites last year.

On Tuesday Dorsey met with Trump, and the president said “lots of subjects” were discussed.

However, according to the Washington Post, a large part of the meeting centered on the president being concerned that his follower count had gone down on the platform.


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