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Video shows ‘Activist Karen’ promoting mask-free dinners at Basilico’s in Huntington Beach

The restaurant is notorious for not allowing masks.


Kahron Spearman


A live stream posted on Reddit shows an anti-mask activist Karen hosting a dinner party at the notorious Basilico’s restaurant in California.

The Huntington Beach restaurant has been known for its skirting of state and city mask regulations.

“Hey, friends! I’m here at Basilico’s,” says the woman. “Oh my gosh, look at all these ‘healthy Americans’ that are here!” 

She jokes with another live-streamer that “no masks are allowed.” And she is correct. The restaurant has a hard no-mask policy.

In the longer, original video, she says they are celebrating Tony Roman, the restaurant’s owner. She notes he won’t be charged for an alleged, unknown crime related to his aggressive anti-mask posture.

The woman shown from the beginning is Peggy White, the owner of, a wildly conspiratorial, anti-mask website known to sell “exceptions” to patrons to spread their anti-mask stances in public places.

The website’s Instagram is chock-full of anti-mask video, links to forms, and other content.

The restaurant, Basilico’s, was made famous from its anti-mask stances and also a negative experience detailed by actress Sammi Hanratty, who said, “this place needs to be shut down.” The eatery has taken to advertising with a Godfather-inspired tag: “Leave the mask, take the cannoli.”

Hall, the activist Karen, and the establishment have forged a bond, with Hall being shown on Basilico’s Instagram. In a post, Roman thanks Hall for her support in “our fight against Anti-Lockdowns and Masked Tyranny, and in defense of American Liberty and Freedom!”

Last week, Fox 11 News showed a news feature on Roman and the restaurant. 

“I’ve always viewed forcing masks on Americans as a symbol of control and surrender,” says Roman.

The report said the “restaurant could lose its liquor license and [Roman] could face criminal charges for disobeying Governor (Gavin) Newsom’s orders.”

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