Mask-less Karen


‘Karen’ is so anti-mask that she refuses to buy groceries for dad’s birthday

At least she used ASL to sign her anti-mask rant.


Samira Sadeque


A video surfaced online of an anti-masker ranting about not being allowed to shop at her local grocery store in Washington because of its mask mandate.

The woman first posted the video to her Facebook Sunday, according to a screenshot of her post that the Daily Dot has reviewed. In the video, the woman says she was in the midst of shopping at the store for her father’s birthday and had a “cart full of food.” 

“I walked to the store, as I’m free to do. … When I went to pay for my food, they said sorry, ‘Unless you wear a mask, we can’t accept your money for the food,” she says, using American Sign Language (ASL) to also sign her rant.

She goes on to say the mask mandate is “not the law” and accuses the store of breaking the law.

An acquaintance of hers saw the video shared it to a subreddit dedicated to anti-mask content. The person, who chose to remain anonymous out of fear of backlash, told the Daily Dot the woman’s parents are deaf, which is why the woman also uses sign language.

In a longer version of the video, which was sent to the Daily Dot, the woman says she will never support the grocery store again. The woman’s other Facebook posts are riddled with panic-induced and, at times, racist commentary about masks. 

“As a healthy American, I am informed, prepared and willing to be ridiculed, harassed & otherwise mistreated for simply standing up for my rights while trying to buy groceries for my family and going to the dentist,” she wrote in a Facebook post in October. With that post, she shared a photo of numerous flyers about how mask guidelines are not laws. 

“There is no pandemic,” she wrote in September. “(Never has been). Dem-panic.”

She also shared photos equating mask-wearing to slavery, a racist and tone-deaf comparison that has been touted by President Donald Trump in the past.

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