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‘Zoom Escaper’ will help sabotage the next Zoom call you want to bail on

A new tool allows you to manipulate your audio with a number of different sound effects.


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Published Mar 16, 2021   Updated Mar 16, 2021, 11:21 am CDT

Hopping into video calls, most notably on Zoom, has become a nearly inescapable part of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it’s been for work, school, or catching up with friends and family, Zoom calls have become commonplace during quarantine.

Naturally, some people are fed up with the seemingly never-ending Zoom calls. But a new tool will help you with “self-sabotaging” those calls so you can get out of them.

Zoom Escaper is a new tool designed to “help you escape Zoom meetings by self-sabotaging your audio stream so your presence becomes unbearable to other people,” Sam Lavigne, the creator of the tool, said in a video tutorial published earlier this week.

The tool essentially allows you to manipulate your audio during a Zoom call with various sound effects that are meant to upset your fellow video call participants or give you an excuse to leave it.

“Just do this until no one is willing to be in a Zoom call with you anymore,” Lavigne says in the video about Zoom Escaper.

The tool was first reported by the Verge.

A screenshot of Zoom Escaper.

Downloading Zoom Escaper requires tinkering with a few settings in Zoom, but Lavigne’s video outlines the process pretty well. Essentially after those downloads and settings changes, you’ll have an array of audio effects to unleash on your unsuspecting Zoom participants.

The effects include: an echo, a bad connection, an upset baby, a man weeping, wind, dogs, construction, and urination. Zoom Escaper also allows you to add your own audio files if you want to really personalize an effect.

So if you are fed up with being on Zoom calls, maybe try some “self-sabotage” to finally get out of them.

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*First Published: Mar 16, 2021, 10:53 am CDT