White House moving truck memes


A moving truck spotted at the White House is being taken as an ‘omen’

People online joked the truck was a ‘good omen.’


Andrew Wyrich


As the 2020 election gets closer to having a winner called, people online think its a “good omen” that a moving truck was spotted outside of the White House on Wednesday.

The race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden has not been called, although mail-in ballots that are still being counted have been favorable for the Democratic nominee.

Given that backdrop, when a moving van was spotted at the White House on Wednesday, a lot of people were excited about it.

However, as Snopes notes, while there was a moving van outside of the White House—it doesn’t mean much, and a moving truck could be used for a variety of purposes. Snopes reports that the video came from a C-SPAN feed.

Regardless of the reason for the truck being there, it caught the attention of a lot of people, who thought it was a good sign for Biden and “atrocious optics” for Trump.


While no winner has been called yet, Trump has already signaled that even if he does lose, he will not leave quietly. The truck is also not likely there for Trump moving out of the White House, as presidents typically stay there until their term officially ends in January.

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