A white supremacist Trump supporter in Florida

Shelley Troyer/Facebook (Fair Use) Mikael Thalen

Video shows white supremacist punching woman at Florida restaurant

He ended up getting tackled.

Aug 2, 2020, 12:55 pm*


Mikael Thalen 

Mikael Thalen

A self-described white supremacist was filmed attacking a woman at a Florida restaurant on Friday while ranting about President Donald Trump.

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Footage of the encounter, which spread across social media after being posted to Facebook, shows a shirtless man covered in white supremacist tattoos being confronted by the restaurant’s staff.

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“Call Donald Trump right now!” the man, identified as Nicholas Arnold Schock, says repeatedly. “I’m a white supremacist! The Aryan Nation will rule the world! People covered in tattoos are going to be my closest relatives, I promise you!”

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After making numerous lewd comments while walking through the restaurant’s outdoor seating area, Schock was confronted by a woman who notes that there are children present.

“I will buttf*ck this b*tch on the table right now!” Schock says. 

Schock responds further by slapping the woman across the face before throwing several punches. Numerous staff members and patrons immediately take Schock to the ground just seconds after.

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Police eventually arrive on the scene and attempt to calm Schock, who tells officers that he is suffering from “psycho problems.” It remains unclear whether Schock’s mental health was a factor in the attack.

Schock, according to TMZ, has since been charged with battery and disturbing the peace and remains in custody.


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*First Published: Aug 2, 2020, 12:54 pm